Thursday, 26 January 2012


Deadlines are decidedly not my forte! I was having a few giggles re-reading this here blog which has more in common with a hopscotch than any kind of diary - when lo and behold...OH diddly squat! There's a big yawn somewhere between leaving Denmark and arriving back in Germany - 3 months and two voluntary festivals left high and dry. Just not good enough! Ergo I'm gona rectify this uncharted piece of the map without any further ado using memory, photos, chunks of what I actually wrote by hand in the fray and perhaps a good dose of imagination .... .(including an ice cold beer and a packet of Minstrals)
Seriously I mean it about the 'ado' more 'To Be Continued'..- like a fun tv programme suddenly selling off to a channel you've never heard of !

Cast your mind back to one ferry boat escapade on route to the shores of No no no no Norway !
It came to pass that I actually managed to arrive at my destination despite going one bus stop too far .....

So the tenses aren't quite correct, but as we all know thanks to the Doctor - timelines are pretty screwed up anyway :p 


  1. I see you have the blogspot site called traveller's highway. I was wondering if you still wanted it, because I really need it. Please get back with me asap!

    1. Go for it ! :) I just deleted the site - its all yours! Can't believe I left BlogSpot for so long, thanks for the nudge. Fair winds and happy travels ;)