Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mission Accomplished: Blogging Failure..Part 1

If only I had ended my last note with 'To Be Continued.....1 month and 25 days later." What can I say but total fuckage! Humpf. Now lets see, Denmark seems an age away, unfortunately my time sumed up as  Island - Itis and found myself breathing a sigh of relief when the little ferry sloshed up on the crystal waves of the fjords to the docks of the hard world  ..bidding adieu was marginally awkward ..although it should be stated that as an optimist there was a brighter side in Paradise which i did enjoy!
Also hoped to mention my three CouchSurfing experiences ... First stop Aarhus - the icing on the cake of surfing, superchilled enough to make an icecube quake! I felt suddenly with friends the minute i stepped off the station. Three bookworms around the table . Background music, drum and bass :) Glossy pages we leafed through, wildly hot Polynesian men inked in black ..tribal warriors of south pacific ! hehe Well Jen and I certainly appreciated them! :p MB, Cs host was tattoist in south pacific style, great artist, it was really interesting to see the mythology behind the swirls and arrows ..and dare i say, will be returning for another visit! hehe but it wasnt all a world of blackness, around the city discovered more music and books Yay - watched 'The Wedding' with them too, laughing at all the terrifically terrible hats over chicken nuggets hah!
Second stop, Aalborg..with R. ..whopper of an IQ doing lots of chip technical jumbo at Harvard. A somewhat strange CS, particular existential conversations and contradictive jargon . ie. how can you know fairtrade is really fairtrade? Good cook however and yet that one glass of wine went to his head..felt better when another girl came over..but still felt to barracade the door after going to bed! :S
Last Cs invasion in Denmark was in Frederikshavn, beautiful little costal town, this time with young lad who was playing three guitars and i was soo very jealous ! Mucked around WW2 bunkers, gate crashed a friends gig, and took the fire escape up to the roof of some posh apartments to watch sundown. :) Early ferry, bless his mum made me a packed lunch for the journey aww!
Denmark to Norway in about 6 hours, bought pack of discount Carlsberg and face pack and headed back to the cabin! hah! Docked to Oslo about half 6, wandered like a lost soul around various maps and bus timetables. I was sure the centre was close, at least so sayeth Lonley Planet! Asked cabbie, who would have me pay 140krona, nearly £16 pounds which took me 5 minutes to walk to station! Ridiculus! I told him to screw it and did in fact walk! Ahem got lost of course, lucky to find nice couple who actually took me to central stationm and the guy carried my bag, what a gent!
Another train, then bus ..yes the bus i managed to jump off the stop after the one i was supposed to! Hallo Arstun farm. Showed to my 'box' yup thats what he called it, where i promptly crashed into bed. The next three weeks were going to be rather half-baked ...

To be continued...tomorrow i doth vow :p

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