Monday, 18 April 2011

Step Away from the Cookies!!

Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want!!

I'm sure you're getting bored of hearing it but there really is no eating rationally here. In fact try being rational when you're trapped in a paradise! No wonder Adam and Eve wanted to run riot!!
 Some women say they would love to marry a chef, personally i would be happy with a man who could cook a good pasta, if i married a chef i would be half the size of a house.
I can feel those love handles growing as i roll out of bed to the ..well, how about 'walk in' fridge! Im treatingthis as a new misson of self control OM NOM NOM ..its sounds pathetic i bet, its torture. They bake table platter size cakes everyday, now its Easter..double trouble melted in chocolate! And running around the island upgrades my loopyness each day. Bananaramic brain like Capt Jack in second movie in the desert full of white sand! I attepted to swim last week, the water was cold as ice, hehe uh if there had been a sauna i would have thrown myself in, i got as far as ..splish splosh..fuuck thats fucking cold!

On the other hand since N was told to never come back I've been pitching in with Salad prep, it seems every vegetable has its own magic trick, I can now cut onions and lettuce to burn dust in Hells Kitchen. :p
Also there's really nothing else to blog about, because i work in the kitchen it were. Ha I
was just about to mention my trip to Flensburg with KS but that ivolves sweet ...OMG we went to this
amazing olive bar in town for supper, and they had elf food (vine leaves) that didnt taste like rubber!
Then next day was Krutz cafe for breakfast which was DIABOLICAL a trophy of creamy goodness, Quark which is somewhere between, icecrem, cheese and yoghurt with fresh saucy berries!!

With reference to the above, my second job as of yesterday is to FEED our new Chicken..dubbed Freedom!
A chicken called Freedom, cool - this is going in my novel! She laid an egg today ! When R resuced her from the Ikea box of Death you could tell she had been traumatised, her clucking was wobbly, nevrous, unsure...sounded like she had a bad throat but was trying to call out  - imagine being stuck in a nightmare and trying to scream in fear yet your voice its hardly above a whisper. It made me sad. To thing of this one ..and all the other cruelty we do to living animals just because we happen to be at
the top of the food chain. I will always be a carnivore of course, but i hate that people dont give
a damn about the terrors we cause.
oK So that was a GreenPeace Wave but, seriously, all living things should be cared for ..before we give them a stroke and go BANG with the pistol! Dinner is served. Tender and Divine.

Today...uh Sunday I actually worked all day long. I was never so happy painting the bar ..we did the whole room in one day ..theres about a week and a half before im due to make my way to the top of Denmark....Couch surfing a godsend! - and then into Norway for some organic farming and Midnight Sun! Nearly halfway through my Tour of Nordic Europe ..Wow..weird

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