Saturday, 2 April 2011

in two dimensions at once

Day 2 ...
Slept like a log, missed waking up to the sunrise coming through the loft window... went to the bar around 7.30, i thought R had said meet at 9, which i assumed was breakfast together, just as well i munched on jam and bread because 9 was when we went to work. Dolt.
Wait!! i forgot to mention the frogs! I stumbled to the kitchen last night in the dark to make a cuppa before bed..just along the side of the house where my room is ...on the way back i hear RIVERT RIVERT ..oh shit, i fumble around for a flashlight hanging by the door and shine it to the floor..two frogs..god i hope i didnt murder any ...
The chef arrived this morning, i forget where he is from ..still doing a masters in culinary or whatever, but hell hes a damn fine cook. ..Danish i think
As i was about to dive into the bread basket, upon realisation of no 'fruckstucken' .,Olie mentions guess i do the jobs no one wants and work my way up the list. Thankfuully the loos were pretty clean so it was simply a matter of shiny disinfectant. Afterwards i mopped the floor in the bar area ..and put some freesh daffs and snowdrops in pots on the table. First day of opening season for Store Okseoe .... celebrated by one sneaky sheep and donkey in conspiracy over mission to overturn the flower pots on the deck!
It wasnt as busy as everyone expected. and i was not used to having so much free time, which for some reason was an awkward feeling. Especially as a helpXer ..i felt like i should have a job to earn my keep...R told me i should take the pauses when they come. Okay no problem ...grab beer and go for walk in the sunshine with notebook. good time to shift through all the arglebarble in my noggin . .
Displacement could be ther word .  As i was rambling to the highest point of the isle, warm spring air sea..wondershon ..yet i felt uncomfortable. It not that the people here arent friendly or welcoming..though they jabber away in deutsch most of the time..or even danish...blanghbaaabbbballh ..cold sausage.....and are slowly using their english with me. I want to practise german with them like A/A but...they dont seem so inclined or bothered...I did manage to snag a eng-deu dictionary from B so i can continue ..stun them with a few german phrases perhaps!
my mercurial feelings are prob because the last place was so homely it really feels like im back on the road again. N..the amazing cheif..chef? i dunno how to spell it...pissed me of today with his constant quips antagonising me over why i WASNT smoking/drinking...i was seriously ready to tell him to bloody well F OFF. .... not a good idea to bug me when im in a bad mood..or confused mood even. ..Mate, i still feel like an outsider..i dont particularly wish to be puffing away like a factory and drowing myself in drink only to fit in and ease stress. I have alota heartache back home and if you cant say anything nice then keep your gob shut because i dont wont to hear the shit coming out of that guy rattled me .. i didnt say this buy the way but it was going through my head as i went Grr.

Met some more inhabitants, old bloke called Jens, with young woman who i forget the name of. But the macedonian helper said he asked how old his daughter was. Well apparently its not his daughter actually is his gf....whos about 20. so we;'re either the same age or shes younger.....hes about 60 ...ick..awkward.

Anyway once i reappeared from my stroll I asked B, to give me a goddamned job...gardening woo! A polish helper had turned up at somepoint during the day, M..loudly expressive pole, but nice and really embarrasingly better at the garden work than me! just weeding and tuidying and raking the beds, hell he could have whopped alan titchmarshes ass..uuurrhh. Anyhow! we did a good job and were greeted by a fancy dish from the kitchen for lunch..core i could get used to this.
After that, was pretty much done for the day...wandered around.....

I was sure there was more stuff i was going to blab on about but it escapes my mind

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