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Stormy Isles...

Store Okseoe
Well...its now April, time for diligent debriefing again! Bah Humbug! Right I happen to be in Denmark on a wonderful tiny island..less than half hour to wander around the shores....sitting in the bar..wooo drinking chocolate milk and coffee! They are all smokers here so i will have to keep an eye on my flimsy will and its penchance for social smokin. They were quite delighted when i came in emergency camel  ..more on that later... in hand after my breif exploration of the island. I wont be filling my lungs with tar everyday, or every hour ..i dont get chimey stains your fingers seeps into your clothes..and the taste...only good when the situation calls for it. Like when y'ou've been dropped off by the bus in the back of beyond with a mobile that refuses to work and you're not sure if anybody knows you are here..

30th ... warm spring like day, my last day with Axel and Angelika..I didnt prepare as much as I should have because I wanted to enjoy every last moment, like washing pots in the morning hah, but in the afternoon we all took a long bike ride to a prehistoric burial mound. I stayed up late that night writing a poem to express my experience with them ... i would definitly come again, it was like being with family, unlike in Austria ... I certainly wont be going back there to work! Next morn, supposed to catch the 8am train hahahah put it off til 9 am ...then the weather was going to be rainy and bleak all day hence i changed to make the 11am train, to travel straight to Flensburg, making no detour in Lubeck. It felt weird leaving, i didnt actually want to go...
Flens is a nice town, all the old buildings are still in tiptop condition as it missed all ww2 bombs..S my CS host was another great er host, shared an awesome flat with mexican girl .
S took me on a walk through the precinct, unfortunately the weather was absolutely shit! Thus I brightened it up by releasing a few gold coins in the body shop, and on a pair of converses, yes ladies and gents i have embarked into the fashion of trendy shod feet.!!! Actually it was a necessary buy because, A i didnt bring any soft shoes travelling with me ..just yard boots and Rohans..and I deceided to temporarily
abandon my muckers with A/A...can awlays send money for them to post em to me or go back and
pick them up! It also made my bag lighter, although i reckon those jam pots made up for the things i sent home! At least i had condensed my baggage down to the duffel and rucksack. ..I can still feel my feet sending waves of gratitude ...
Back to CS night, M cooked up totilla espanja with happy salad with mozzerlla and salmon treasures and glass of red!
we all spoke english, m is learning german since she moved to study here with DE bf.  S teaches sports and art, so she had to be up for school next day so we declined going out with M ..I pretty much zonked out at 9pm ..was a lonely night, felt really homesick and somewhat depressed wishing i could jsut go back to A/As .... News back home has not been the best of things lately
so first Grams pops her clogs and then Uncle H, ..Mum has mate gets cancer (and
I'm not there for her) Auntie B, goes to hospital whence they find a benighn brain tumor, which cause
a slight stroke!! Seriously, i scream and cry wtf is going on in the world! Okay so i admit i opened
the waterworks that night..has to happen ..did i mention i broke two plates last month..accidently
because i had put off thinking about all those, those ....arrgglllebarrglesss!
Hmm morning arrived with hopeful sunrise and clear skies...made my way down to the buststation
for the 835am to get across the boarder to hassle was only 30mins. Although I did
fret somehwhat when sitting on the bench starting at a couple of islands on a lonely road, thinkin
am i here? Rang home no. Rudinger said yep coming across now...snmall boat sails across 5 mins later
which i approched cautiosly until the guy..olie...scraggy haired weathered sailor.. waved Cmon on!
Woop i made it!!

Met  inhabitants ..less than 10 people, R speaks most english, his wife B was a little hesitant, nice people though..also carpenter bloke and another worker, apparently M a previous helpXer is coming tomorrow, the start of the tourist season. oooh. F are German family maybe i can improve my german..verlich. R and B live in thatched house, all lovely wooden beams everywhere, i have theend room, sqaure, it has a bed and a bath which is good enough for me. Hope the heating comes on, tis getting pretty chill now. ..Took a wander after i did my job of dusting down the shelves behind the bar and wiping cloth over the glasses etc ..met the other inhabitaents..old dog, a shetland, a donkey and a small flock of sheep!

Hmm was meant to write up those last few days with german family lol i know, soppy huh!
Finished off the twig bundling by the way, it was blooming sunshine when i tied the last one, after which i just sprawled out on the grass with a big sigh!
We also made kurbis chutney, mmmm and more muffins....and they took us to their Irish music session
just folks practising..was lovely to hear, bit like shire music hehe
planted the tomotatoe seedlings ..they get really grumpy being put into their own pots, theres a
disease gardeners term which translates as  falling down drunk, when the stalks go kaput.
Spent some nice moments in the conservatory with a brew...I lasped into watching dusty try to take on
a Hen sitting on her nest and caught the tail end of the convo...will explode.
I startle - What will?
The vegeatation says Angelika a tank of gas, :p
Went to Hamburg for demonstation on atomkraft nein danke..i made tshirts for us with the sun on front
and greenpeace slogan on back..not bad if i do so say myself. Cold day but clear, at least 40, 000
people turned up, for peace protest, speeches and march towards town hall for more speeches.

paste from a blog i started earlier but never finished...

Freitag and the end is drawing nigh, hmm perhaps I should say was since its saturday now so much for daily blogging. OK to recap - Wednesday and thurs were blue sky raptures awash in blazing sunshine. And I was still bundling twigs! Adding a few more bats to the belfry cursing dead pieces of wood and having general convesation with myself
To be honest i cant remember much of mittwoch the sun probably blasted everything away ..
i love the smell of the sun in the spring air, with dry grass reminds me of longbegone times
summers that went on for weeks on end
Later Amelie and I drove into town with A / Bad Bederkesa ..we only had half hour but managed to circumnavigate the church, wander into a few bookstores, where i came out with yet another notebook..(for my novel as i have lots of fresh ideas) and i would have definitely left with book in hand if i could only read German a bit better! Found the icecream parlour ...70cence for a scoop - heaven in a chocolate cone!
Did i mention Axels brother hasnt left yet, I think Im starting to pick up A's vibes of displeasure. It was mixed emotions at first since he came bearing gifts for his birthday, but he arrived without warning and this is the first time he has been here and met Angelika in god knows how long.
Before he came Axel was saying how he and his brother never really saw eye to eye, always argueing and that Deitman was always the strongest. D certainly rattled my cage - I was ready for a good bitchy gossip, though thats not something i would approach with A/A of course or Ame..(gah soo many A's)
le, completely nice all through, quiet and i grumbled out my negative vibes to the sheep, ha!
Hum, there seems to be a round of bad mumbo jumbo of late, it must be this desertion into wilderness..
no no, Im actually content with being n the middle of nature..its the lack of a local pub or just a knees up in civilisation ..
Bah D isnt really that bad,a apart from having all the table manners of a monkey, ick.. my opinion somewhat mellowed when he explained that his LOUD VOICE was due to working in a mechanics factory for 16yrs, you could never talk, just SHOUT.
I think i could get a slight deaf right ear if he doesnt go soon.
Well he did go, in fact he disappeared early one morning ..never even said goodbye..weird bloke.
Spring really was making a fabulous entrance ..we did a lot of the tomatoes seeds which i mentioned earlier i think, but when A left to get something i started making earthy castles with the plastic pots, by the time A had come back i had a keep with a straw flag, a moat and wall with stones for a drawbridge....heck who needs all this techno toys, just play in the good ole dirt :p
A/A had a helpX guest book which i naturally managed to take up 3 pages many fun moments ..on the last night Axel made laugh so hard when Angelika said that we were going to have a party and invite all the nice young men when he goes for his Greenpeae meeting...Axel in his most nancy experession with gay hand says, oh you can invite them i like nice young men too. .. Never saw that one coming!

By a strange twist of fate, Angelikas trio band is actually going to be playing at Folk Baltica on the very island i am on right now, this thursday !! So i am quite happy about that !

Back to Denmark..its 830 am now as i tidy this blog up..people have started arrivign for breaky..we all eat in the bar because theres about 8 of us ...theres heavy fog outside and the sheep and donkey assulated the plant pots on the deck outside ..wonder what my work will be today...the locals are starting to be a bit more talkative with me..its funny because maybe they are uncomfortable with sopeaking english, just like i am shy of my german skills ...

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