Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Aslan's Mane...

The Lion roared and bared his teeth ...i think it might be safe to say SPRING has come again !

Yes, the weekend was full of brilliant sunshine and descending blue, we made a striptease in the fields :p
If memory serves the previous post finished up with saturday, thusly I durst declare I shalt begin with Sunday. Woop, a second innings of earths' sweet being! Amelie was due to arrive that morning, Axel drove to the station to pick her up but returned post haste because he forgot there were two different arrivals depending on which direction she was coming from...he picked the wrong one - hehe - I promised not to tell Angelika. Amelie is French, married? to one of the guys in my hosts music group, though I think they live in Hamburg...also some springful news - Amelie ist Schwanger! Funky word for ...I dont like the word pregnant, it has a harsh 'gn' sound...much prefer 'with child' ..or if you really have to say it ..bun in the oven, ha - but schwanger (sccch---wen-ger) is good!
ANYHOW ..I gave her the tour and then presented twig duty, for a little while - since she proably shouldn't do too much. Quiet, amiable girl who can also speak a little German - she's diligent and practices it more than I do when talking!
Afternoon, aha my turn to cook lunch, lemme lose on the Range! Took a bit of patience to get the fire going, I had my head bent over the grate blowing the licking flames and turned around to see Dusty on the stool behind, paws on the back rest, leaning over inquistively, 'what ARE you doing?' was his expression !
At first I hadn't a clue what dish to make, something tradtional perhaps? But i have to make use of whats in the larder...cue light bulb! Toad in the Hole! I really should have taken a photo, it came out perfect, which suprised me completely. I used the electric oven to bake and got worried a few times as tendrils of smoke came pluming out each time I opened the door.
Thin bratwürste instead of meaty bangers, plus a good accident of dried lemon balm instead of basil. I urge you to try this since it makes the batter taste..lighter? On the range I had to rustle up some of yesterdays leftovers, rice and veges, with carrot extension in a creamy mustard mix...whodathunk that would be a success!

Later on as I was outside reading, soaking up the vitamin D, I heard Amelie playing the accordian... she's only been playing since June, still shy about performing for an audience, yet those French waltzes really made me want to get up and dance....in fact, i did! All this fair music, (Amelie on the accordian, Axel on violin, Angelika on clarinet) got me motivated to have a tinker on the Grand Piano..slightly out of tune. Claire de Lune came back to the ole digits easier than I thought....until Dusty (in Tiger Mode) rushed in to attack my slipperless feet!


There's quiet a drastic change between day and night at the moment, below zero actually as the moon rises. Cant be good for anybody :p Full moon, damn I must post some pictures soon..I managed to capture it on camera, I was MOONSTRUCK haha, it was honestly like daylight !
A few friends might be glad to know that my mobile alarm clock has changed from the 'Carry on Screaming' theme, to a much more gentle wake up tune, 'He's a Pirate' from PoC :p ....So as I was repeatedly hitting the snooze button, mine eyes fluttered open to a loft full of soft rosy golden hues. It took a few moments for my sleepy head to realise that dawn had banished the clouds ...in no time i was getting dressed and off for a ride on the bike. Bliss.

Since I posted my second pair of Jods back home, I finally had to wash the other pair. Angelika dug out one of her own for me to wear in the meantime. They're pretty comfy, even though its a for a shorter person, saying that I whipped out meine Lime Green Hosenträger to help keep em up! Axel said i could be a trend-setter haha! Reckon i appear quite the landgirl now, mit jods, leg warmers, baggy workshirt and bandana ...

Wood wood wood wood. I cant wait til the job is done. But it was nice for a change to build my own fence of dead wood. In the afternoon I got somwhat grouchy and i hoped no one noticed. Mainly because I overslept....yes we have high noon naps here folks :p .... and then people just kept asking the wrong questions, if you catch my drift? I spun myself in a vicious circle remembering how A keeps analysing how i eat my meals....it really got to me at breakfast, everytime I spread the butter, or picked up my mug ...I hadnt been bothered about it until the day before when he told me i was folding the cheese wrappers wrong, and i also remembered then how he had been staring each time I had done it !
So i was thinking, WHAT, am i leaving jam in the butter dish, have i spread on too much honey, are you offended by my sticky finger prints on my cup ...because having at least 12 different marmalades to choose from is going to be a messy affair!! It all sounds pathetic and trivial ..it was..i was moody... and was missing going to the pub for a pint :p
Later I was having Deutsch drilled into me and A ensured i wrote down the receipe for his bread rolls at 10pm ... and I think that Kirsche Wine got stronger overnight...like PeaPod Burgundy in the Good Life!


Sunbeam hues through the loft again!! YAY Although I chose to soak them up from a place of comfort :p
Cant believe how warm it got...i was seriously considering sunglasses and just a vest under the hosenträger! The bark debris is nearly at an end .. I've started on the final field and there's only one length left for tomorow...I hope they havent got any land hidden elsewhere...because I've quite had it now I must say, each time i close my eyes I see twigs imprinted there!
Amelie cooked Onion Tarte for lunch..mmm.. later I baked Scones ...technically Axel's birthday meal, despite the fact that he neglected mentioning it all day! His brother came to visit, a suprise i think..since we had just been talking how he lives on the Austrian boarder. I'm not sure if A was pleased to see him or not...
As dusk was beginning to glow, I set off on the bike for a wonderful ride ... fresh smell of earth, cool breeze, golden radience through pine trees, deer in the field...so so very beautiful. Do people know we have Eden right here on Earth! I reckon if everybody spent a few weeks in the country, sowing and reaping with nature, they would learn to care for the world better and realise we have it all right here.
Okay, I should call it a night before going totally philosophic on Mother Gaia and all that Jazz!

A week and a bit to go...looking to really make use of my interrail ticket and perhaps make a Cs trip to Berlin, Lubeck and Flensburg before Denmark....however A mentioned this evening a weekend of Celtic workshops (the first weekend in april) ...music, dancing, cooking, crafting...sounds pretty awesome but I think if i tried to work that into the agenda ... it could equal one screwed up hell bent voyage...

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