Sunday, 13 March 2011

Epic Meanwhile ...

Finally GUTEN TAG FOLKS, no worries I am still alive, but helluva long 'to be continued' huh?

Manys days have passed ..5 at least ..correction funf tage ... so i shall wizz through Freitag with you ..and Gs loud telephone call which had me grinding teeth in the dark. Patience is a virtue some say and I hung on for half hour until  I was rewarded with  a shrieking Yippeeee, door bangs and G raced off into the night..good news i take it.
Indeed ..a young lad had asked for work, willing to start asap and take a whack at the stables too...ergo G in high spirits even the clouds were left faaaarrr below. Despite that unexpected event, i managed to wake around 5am to bodly stumble to the paddocks with a headlamp ...SPOOKY, you know the darkest hour really is just before dawn. haha i know that you know you think I'm as nuttzy as a fruitcake...I thought i was too, trudging softly past the horses with a desperate prayer that Creo would not notice the gate creeking open and become manically agitated for his oats, then in the middle field my light beam swept across the frosty air ..WOAH green eye slits staring from the ether..shivers of shock, holy -!  Hang on ...i recognise those antlers. literally OH DEER! :P  So i put the hay out for later, after which i went in search of a teabag since i had finally figured out where the switch was for the factory kettle, muhahaha. Oh yes, my dauntless experdition was well worth it, but i Still took a pot of Jam to my room, ..speaking of jam, I believe I totally skipped my last English lesson with E - this was good, they were suprised to see me, we talked alot, I particularly with Hedi who wasnt very confident with her English, so I kept her in conv all the way to the cafe, bless her, she bought me a cake after to say thankyou. E also packed me off with schnitzel mit sweet potatoe and apfel extremely spoilt with a big smile! 

Back to Friday...

Mittagessen...with G and her mutta although i dashed off early to finish my packing..PACKING..oh how i doth hate such a word. Reckon Im gona leave or send off clothes at each place...hmm dream to travel with just me, myself and i (or someone to carry bags for me haha). .. 10 minutes to go, I had showered, changed - zipped away the smelly camel clothes in air tight package - funny G of course found things for me to do, I was running about right up to jumping into a moving car...feed the camels, the osteriechs..make some tea..bah humbug!! Although I certainly enjoyed my time in Austria I can only consider that those early morning starts and the constant streem of energy from G is something i wont miss. The work can only get better haha! Bring it on Deutschland :D 

First things first ..a small detour to see friends. 
...aha did i mention febs 28days totally screwed me over with the interail ticket..yup valid until 1 march ..BUGGER..over a couple of beers the night before I  attempted to forge 7 march..wont be doing that again. mmhmm i was lucky to escape with simply paying the normal fare, reckon the ticket officer couldnt decide if this silly english girl had purposedly done it, you see I had my sweet innocent face on (like puss in boots from shrek)...(i think if i had been in would have gone differently). Tick, one predicament down, wonder how many more worms are in the can...

At westbahnhof a weird Italien man started talking to me, asking if i knew any places to have fun in Vienna...the conversation went something like this:
''No, but you can ask my austrian friend when she comes-''
''-your boyfriend? ''
''No my uh girl..friend...''
(Ana arrives)
''Did you meet on the internet..or before in real life?''
(i knew this guy looked dodgy)...''-yeh we knew each other before..''
''Thats good...''
(so said dodgy Italian proceeds to make a diatribe regarding sex with strangers and that 
alot women he meets dont want to do it with him and his gf.(..Seriously...YA THINK?!) ....Where could he find fun here, would we like a threesome ..(backing away slowly) ...c'mon you can jump on me right now...
Kay..thanks BYEEEEE. 
WELL THAT was one for the books . 

Mini tour about vienna ..a line of horses and carriages (fiakers?) outside Stephansdom, SEHR SCHÖN....aww get rid of all the traffic and modern fixations I could have been back in the time of top hats, elegant ladies off to the Opera, swirling cloaks and the clop of hooves on the cobblestones. Enchanting impressions, baroque ambience..I love to imagine myself walking through footsteps of history.. 

Ana led me through an archaic quarter, not full of tourists..ancient narrow streets with gilded buildings looming this way and that. We explored the outside of Hofburg - Imperial palace (Blimey, the Hapsburgs sure knew how to decorate :P)  Ana pointed out the Spanish Riding School - Lipizzan horses that do ballet..also St Augustine's church where according to tradition the hearts of the Hapsburgs are entombed (Herzgruft) 54 silver urns..cold and shadowy awe....brr ..exit stage left 

Picked up Jessi ..YAY REUNION ..Its been a full year since Erasmus, ahh the memories! :) 
Return briefly to Ana's brothers flat for beer and black nail painting session ..
.NB Stiegl and Murauer are my favourite Austrian beers so far..Es muss ein Stiegl sein, nicht Gösser, which was beer and lemonade ..
Oooh Ana has an awesome dark emerald velvet cloak with a loong hood -Eleven style..we all tried it on and twirled about, feeling more Lord of the Rings than gothic. 

Got a little lost trying to find bar Escape ..back and forth the crossroads searching in vain for nr 116 ..even the würsteldude hadnt a clue haha ..found it eventually on a parrell street ...gig downstairs was booming to a band in afro wigs ...oookkkaay....Next and last band was great to rock out to,though no idea what they were called?? crowd cheered them on to play at least six encores, what the heck..last last last song hehe they did a cover of lady gaga Alihandro or whatever which was hilarious because we were all singing along, plus an Austrain fave, 'The scandal of Rosie''
 ...sooo necks really hurt afterwards...good sign methinks :D  

Sometime after midnight we stumbled into bar Chelsea..absolutely rammed!! ..pushed our way to a raised dance floor guy was danc-- he must have been on drugs .. like rafiki in slow motion..
For me it was too busy (wasnt drunk enough for a #club#) and I didnt quite catch the beat...not ready for pop and Djs after metal madness ..tiredness was envolping me and an hour later we called it a night ..3-4am?? 
the others fell straight to sleep..but i always feel ravenous after drinking and I thusly munched down two bowls of cereal before hitting the sack! 

Up early again..10 am ish ..for more cereal haha and then burnt toast saved via chocolate spread! 

Tschueß Ana ....4-6 yrs of study..crazy people..:p 


Caught the train with Jessi back to Linz ...hopefully didnt snore in the carriage lol...then a nice guy carried my 
hefty bag to the platform awww danke! 
Cannot describe how awesome jessi and stefphans flat C'est SUPER....Whaa, that was French?
Later we went to jessi's home meet a friend of hers Victoria to go to CARNIVAL ..ahaha carnival ,the week long celebration before fasting, normally masqerades (i think)...There we were, drei liliputainians and one english girl in lederhosen! Yes there are pictures..somewhere.  
Everyone there had made the effort to dress up...there was a group of people as bride/groom (on one person) carrying rose bedecked arches and another group as fire hydrants spraying water at people. plus male nuns playing live music :p 
..of course there were lots of prizes aha like cake! Also jessi and co won 5th or 6th place ..ginormous basket of veges and fruit. Yup another Fun night! 

Next day i was back on the train again to Salzburg ...unfortunately it was rather cloudy so didnt see much, heck i didnt even realise there were mountains in the background! Nevertheless I took a hike about town to get my bearings and stay warm until i met Vici at the  station. Woo my first couch surfing experience..she was a very 
nice person, living with a big group of people who were all easy to get along with.
It was strange at first because i wasnt sure how to act..she offered me plenty of things to eat ...later beer as well ..i warmed up to the convo as time went on...never expecting to be chatting away till gone 3am! ..luckily i didnt have to be up so early for the bus back to salzburg ...AAHHH glorious day, oooh and MOUNTAINS surounding the whole place ..i had to stop and stare at them every few seconds (damn must get out of lotr mode, since i immediately thought hmm Frostback mountains, hard to hold on to my imagination..dragons and jewels and who knew what else beyond..) but seriously, they were so great and resplendent ..especially as it wasnt something i see everyday ...danube was sparkling too ..blast it,  only an hour to rush round, just enough time to grab a couple of postcards for the mozart lovers in the family including his special chocolate before jumping on the deutschbahn to Munich!
I accidently sat in firstclass..thinking ah could get used to this...later pointed in right direction by ticket officer whilst chomping on some kind of doughnut, which i could have sworn had Rum imbued Jam! 

Urgh i had a HORRID palava as i stumbled onto the platform asking the closest person - ' IS THIS MUNICH?!'-  since i had fallen asleep, TSCH!! then i went back and forth in search of the metro to get to my next couch surf point, even got directions from the helpdesk but teriffically managed to get the wrong Sbahn, well at least i was for the u2,okay cant find it, lets hop on the u3 maybe i am going in the right direction station i asked a woman who was very helpful and actually came with me to get to the right platform ...aha u6 my train and last stop was my destination...ergo i fantastically disembark at the second to last ..insert cries of woe is me here- .. my natural attraction of fiascos has a grand finale...whereby i arrive at my destination although now my mobile isnt working..R told me he would be at class after 2.30 which was when i rolled up, i sent him a message via payphone since kg was right on campus ...haha i forgot to mention W gifted me an emergency packet of cigarettes (from my last couch surf) ..didnt realise i would be unwrapping them so soon 
i parked my weary self on the smoothest rock i could find facing a green stretch under the sun ..ahhh that cigarette never felt so good :p ...annnnnnd guess what i discovered..(after swapping sim cards about), that R was in fact still in his flat. TYPICAL! which i then navigated myself too...floor 667 ! wait wait theres an elevator!! 
R ..chillouted rasta-fied jordanian...who keeps missing Opeth live met me at the door..I pretty much headed straight for the camp bed exhausted ! Hour or so before dusk i decided a stroll would be good and wandered into the penny markt too ... munchies for the 5hr trip tomorrow. R cooked a perfect spicy arrbiata (spelt that wrong)..i didnt mention the death star canteen though hehe .. woop another delighful host LUCKY i always have plenty of chocolate, reckon its a decent idea to bring your hosts a present.. left some Manner for Vic, hope it wasnt too crushed..and Salzburg choco for R. 
Sunset was amazing..6 levels in the air, it had better be! BED..sweet bed..i couldnt wait to arrive at the next helpexchange and stay in one place for a while. 

Shuffled around quietly in morn, said goodbye to a bleary eyed R ...back to metro for more fun ! lLITERALLY! 
Got on the right train (there were only 2 directions to go haha) got off at right stop but couldnt find u2 hopped on next train ..then saw the sign for u2 passing it on said train, typical! so BACK one stop ..praising the powers that be (who were probably cracking ribs with laughter) that i manged to make my way to Munich Hbf without any further hassle, and onto the 10.20 ...hold on a second..does everybody have reserved no no..this cant be. One of the passengers gave me a voucher telling me i should go to the service point and book a seat..SIGHS..hefts bags and rushes off only to be informed reservations are closed ..well duuh train leaving in 5 mins ... and i should go find a free seat..gee thanks ! 
I practically threw myself through the doorway ... noted a few empty places as the train moved off but i thought to hang on a bit, maybe people were still moving up the carriages, and i certainly did not wish to settle only to be moved on..hence I loitered in a suspensful indecision,  catching my breath.Cursing those damned heavy bags. Grr

As i was thinking Blimey What next?! ..a young man came up to me ..i guessed he was asking about a seat, i spluttered sprechen sie englisch...yes yes..a place to sit..ahah there is someone watching over me ! Great, i relaxed thankful if a little flustered. 
Amazingly 3hrs vanished into wonderful talk on travelling ..this guy..(F we made introductions half hour later haha) has taught in Bolivia, his heart is there, I can hear it calling as he talks about it :) He is also in the process of making a documentary on the orphanage there .. soooo south america you are next on my list, however not quite sure if i'd be brave enough to go alone ...although i was CRAZY enough to buy a ticket for Wacken festival without knowing a soul to go..
Shared a welcome  beer....(why didnt i think to bring beer on such a monster journey) .. hehe we stuck out like sore thumbs on the train of wealthy denziens in our comfy jumpers and cheap beer ! Ha! but i spied a few people secretly unwrap sandwiches from their Gucci handbags !
Apparentlty last year F was on a game show..uh..nope i cant remember the name of it ..but he and his friend won with a funny act where F used different parts of his body to make sounds which had letter translations so his mate could decipher it ...they were meeting in Fulda to make an appearance on a childrens show ..F bought a camper van with former prize money...cunning plan .. now he can drive into the horizon! lol
Talked about what i was doing on a 5hr train to Hamburg ..helpexchange hippy haha, .. yup got my degree and jumped on the first plane i could ..found a similar interest in writing...damn i need to get back to my book before i lose the thread ..although this blog yes the one you're reading .. is pretty good for recoording expressions and impressions of wayfaring when my battered notebook isnt to hand. ..hmm i deviated once more ..
F is also writing as book ..we promised to swap ..although when it comes to revealing my written work i always feel nervous ,,tshh silly when i would love to have anything i wrote published. 
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz WOAH who is that snoring !! haha 
Mmm coffee, perfect moment to be on top of one of the mountains passing us by in the blazing sun . . 1hr until Fulda, oh no, boo i didnt want to be on my lonsome..anything could happen in the next 2hrs after F would leave the train. 
whatthe-- ZZZ is that bloke still asleep! 
Thunder in my chest as train rattles to halt ..hugs goodbye...alone again. BIG SIGH

Fall alseep in sunny corner ... maybe noone will move me if i keep still :p 
Hamburg station was easier to naviage so i hopped on the correct ubahn this time ..nevertheless a kafuffle sprung into life trying to find the local train to Geestenseth..of course i pronouced it wrong..but finally ON train..VALID ticket..sit back, relaxed....WHY is everybody getting off..momentary glimpse of panic ..ahha follow the other passengers we're just swapping trains..phew! 
The sunset was a golden delight with dreamy inducing rays .. soo there are definitely going to be some great dusks and dawns outhere in the country. 
haha ja die landschaft where time is measured by the seasons and the geese flying south rush, but fresh air mit fresh pong of manure, in natures garden ... 

I was met at the station..platform...a stretch of ground.. by Axel and a friend with a car. immediately i felt comfotable in their company, we drove further and further away from civilisation across flat boggy land with wonderfull thachted dewllings 
the essence of 'the good life' Axels wife Angelikia was away until evening so Axel showed me around a little,
they live in a thatched house, which was once a stables since the dawn of time, Ax bought the place in the mid 60s from farmers who had only just bought their first tractor ....they are pro-bio and green peace people
so heating is from fire and own well for drinking water...couple of fields with sheep and apple orchards plus a 400 yr old bake house, fruit and vege plots, range..and we really do have to hunt for their eggs
need to set up a chicken cam ...egg detection haha! My room is awesome, above the tool shed, mini balcony..fairly decent size open planned with small kitchen and A BATH ..oh the luxury !! i chose to sleep in the loft section, its fun going up a ladder to bed, childrens fun, same when you get to sit high up in a big car, (if u know what i mean), also  loft in this sense boards across half the triangle bit in the roof ..i have a window too facing east

Will post pictures soon and more detail ...since im getting veeerrry tired ) 
Didnt do any work monday since i arrived about 6pm, ...met quirky professor called Conrad who was staying in their summerhouse, tiny cottage for guests or friends ...he thought i studied history english and crazy writing..brilliant i loved it... so when the history becomes obscure i can use my crazy writing to fill in the gaps ! 
Again i felt instantly comfotable when angelikia turned up..after the men had sent her for cheese..whe she speaks englishshe has a prominent irish accent, at first i thought she was from ireland ..but no its just the influece from their love of irish folk music.....Axel has just been playing his violin as i write, its sooo beautiful to hear. camels and horses waiting to bed fed..stuggle against myself to tumble out of bed, 7 am never feltso good!! Breaky 8am...dozens of homemade some point i will have to do a properly conducted tasting session
Axel loves quark..that sweetish cheese that i now remember having in austria.
followed A to the woodshead ...wheelbarrow duty..he told me not to rush so used to doing everything in quicktime..later he let me wield an axe ..he makes it look so easy, hitting the middle is harder than one thinks ! I reckon i get the hang if it with more practise. 
Up here in the north, they speak german with a softer accent, ergo i can actually hear each word and not a stream of jumbo. 
im starting to learn already, they teach me phrases..and im keeping up a diary in German.. and when we work thez talk to me in german with usefulsign language..going to have to start writing it all down....
Lunch is a big meal here, its just as well theres a break afterwards ..hehe before afternoon tea ! i had been drinking coffee in the morning but later in day i asked for tea, axel said thank god, otherwise i wouldnt have thought u were english! 
Wow it was really windy and rainy, but angelika and i made the best of it collecting broken branches the sheep naw on, making sized piles for firewood, afternoon we baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins together ...she got out the spatuala ..childrens clean out the bowl...OOOH NO! haha im going to have be quick with licking the spoon. 
sunshine! arrrtg more twigs ..sneaky sheep trying to destroy my ordely bundles . 
Am Nachmittag i went with angelika to her friends place ..brery plantage ..with a big bouncy dog called balau, organic farmers with an obession for snowdrops and a designer of insect hotel ..which i think i might be building with Angelika at the end of the month , we brought our muffins for a cuppa tea whereupon i drifted off into dream land amdist the chatter of german and the heat of the evening sun 
i acutally managed to lug myself out of bed to go for a bike ride before breakfast, just round the block as it were, as the sun was rising....

Thats it it, i cant write anymore !! Im going to bed...brain is fzzy...schlaf gut!!

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