Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day 29..Who Gives a F...*

Rhymes with Duck!!

In a good way ya know!

Apart from the struggle out of bed again the day was quite splendid :D Camels were a piece of cake and despite having a hurried breaky without finishing all the stables, i made it to the English practise up at Gs den (9am) ...can always count on ole H bringing cake with him !! Ohh plus prezzies from E..more JAM and a pot of her delicious cooking (thats me dins for tonight!) and some CHOCOLATE !

straight after, i had to run out and set the horses free. then dash back...scoop scoop scoop the rest of the shit up...drag M out of the factory so he could jump in the forklift to bring more haybales ...lunchtime...camels, osterich OM NOM NOM 

Afternooon...couple of ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzs dreaming blackout ..completely kaput!

Awoke about 3pm....G was supposed to be back ....aha she appears just as i make a brew, but cannot refuse a ride .......on the superchilled Creo...Nobody can be trusted alone on Barack !
Random notes... pretty sure im getting an extra top muscle in left leg..gona have to start mounting from the other side of the horse, so they match haha! Getting warmer too...quick!!! run around in the sunny patches! Although its a bit freaky ...the farm across the river has some saw ...steel work all day, makes sinister noises like in a game during the creepy scenes....

ANYWAY... back to that blissful ride...on reaching the top of deer know thats another strange situation, those deer and sheep are well camoflarged against the fallen leaves ...just plodding along then you feel eyes watching ...Arr there they are looming on rocky outcrops, staring at you silently.....
THE SUN THE SUN! i could have easily galloped on over the blue hills to follow the sun many dazzling moments ...especially with the sunlight glinting on the stream, the water looked black and the iced over banks were sparkling silver gold!

TIRED NOW...but in for another busy day tomorrow....RAAWWWWWRRR gona have to get up at least an hour earlier to get on top of the morning toils and finish by 8am shower and change. to go with E to her English lesson, not sure when i will be back ......COFFEEEE EXPLOSION !

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