Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 28... Hope Springs ...

Catch 22 followed me home last night....i had lost the door key!! Dont panic Mr Mannering!!! ,BUGGER, yesterday i must have dropped it about the yard pulling various items from my overstuffed pockets, instead of going completely doo-lally i just pinched Gs spare key from the kitchen so i could get to bed ...I tidied the bombsite that was my room and shifted into Js old room, much more comfy, much warmer and darker ..no factory lights glaring in at the curtainless window!
I managed to get up with the bells of course, but certainly grumbled about it...no-one next door to get me moving faster. Hmm Its getting lighter in the mornings ...C'MON SPRING... reckon we're about the 0 degress mark lately ...hardly had my jacket on all day. Figured out a good routine in my head, and I was just going to plug in the earphones when I hear G calling....(.Gah What Now) ... she asked me why i hadnt tied the camels up ( i moved em to the fields to sort the front stables out first..then do the feeding.) sooo i had to explain, and threw in that this was the way i worked with J...(so lemme get on with it) ..thought if i mentioned J..super 2 month helper compared to me ..one month calamity haha,nah not that bad...? she would understand better, well she disappeared with an Okay do what you do... (good good)
The camels were no hassle at all ..WOOO...yep speak softly and carry a big stick......and some bread mayhap, cos they like it! Finished the first half just before 8am ..time to whizz around the horses, 30 mins later i received a call from G about keeping the horses in to go for a ride ...after my breakfast though!
Saddled up Optima and Halfi pronto wherefore with took the camels round the deer park, G is a real swashbuckler with her herd of fluffly beasts ...look at em gooooo wheeeeee!
Disaster strikes!!! Waris was bleeding profusly from her toe, she must have bashed it into something, it was a bright red wound..uncanny looking blood....we tied Waris to her sister Naghla to keep her calm as G hosed down her foot ..this was tricky business, but we also managed to distract them with bread...a bit of blue spray..disinfectant and taa daa ..all better! Poor little one :(
I seemed to be in for a run of luck as i got to hop on Gnome and set off forthwith for another round in the park ..ALONE... i think this trotter is now in my top three ...even though at one point he suddenly burst into  trotting at gallop speed, that was a crazy delight! ...found the two stags sitting together, which was strange since Jimmy (this i what i have decided to call them ) took over Elvis's harem ...usually see the latter like a lone ranger....poor Elvis..
Did i mention all the while i was searching for my key..retracing all my footsteps, hoping to happen across in a pile of shit maybe???
Anyhow, I got back, fed all the animals..horses, camels, dont forget the osterich ..then it was time to get some grub for moi! A few hours later ..as i finally motivated my ass to get back to that elastics job ...Tatianna turned up early ..2ish instead of 5ish...more good fortune for me....AHAHA speaking of fortune ...when i went to put the hay out guess what i stumbled across!! A GOLDEN KEY...weyhey ahh there but for the grace of god, go i..oopsadaisy! I could've lept for joy, dreaded having to tell G i'd gone and lost the door key on my first day alone ! Made a sneaky switch and no one was none the wiser. (except for you guys) :p
Weooo rambling again...back to my third ride of the day, yes indeed! Creo again, and Barrack ..who was well behaved after a day in the stables. The sun had come out for one last blaze, triumphant against the mist and glowing between the trees...ACE! The icing on the cake ..Tatianna did the stables with me, hey presto finished at 5 30 .

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