Monday, 28 February 2011

Tage 26&27...lurching into carpe diem...

J has just left for the airport and im feelin the loss already...its going to be a weird couple of days methinks.

Anyhow to recap, Sunday was Js last night in Eitental ..the end of things really rolls on fast! Unfortunately it was a weird morning...we both thought each other were in grumpy moods, perplexing because neither of us were, perhaps the bad vibes came from the whole leaving sensations reasons to be fed up, unless i was subconsciously forseeing trials and tribulations for the next few days as the sole helper; before G has to go it alone until the next one.. maybe thats what had me jaded.

Nevertheless we had an undarkened ride, jaunting along on Barrack and Gnome...i think J was pining to be on Creo ...but she got a good gallop from the former whilst i struggled on my mount stuck between the slow ones, Ah well you cant win them all!
Afterwards G vanished for a lie down so we decided it would be the perfect time for a last SAUNA which unstiffend the sinews and sweetened us for the gauntlet of culinary concoctions et al for the last supper . Although J was a little stressed about the preparations..G laughed as she saw her pace up and down from the window...I felt chilledout about the whole thing, i reckon that was because B did the stables at 2pm! Simple things huh --cos it meant a lesiurly evening body and soul!!
Hunted high n low for all sorts of dishes and salad bowls and ...ooh we found Ws liquor cabinet!!! I tried to give J some space in the kitchen so she could do her thing as i worked at a pièce de résistance with the dining table for 12. There was plenty of food and i put out enough bread to feed 5000, Hm cooked a soup for the starter, though she  didnt turn up to taste it herself poor thing, must have tired her out!
E and H arrived with PRESENTS! a bottle of very good sect, some chocolate bars...can never fail with either :p and a special gift for us each...a hanging er something i forget what she called it in Austrian..the type you can put up at the window, or decorate the christmas tree....mine was circular with a girl holding a candle...actually looked like J hehe so i can put her in my pocket then lol ....with PEACE in different langs around the edge ...i recognised Finnish..Rauha!
The dinner was a triumph, everyone turned up and everyone licked their plates clean! My only quandary was being stuck on the corner of the table between H (okay so he cant speak much english) and W who were making a brisk and loud conversation in German, totally ignoring me fact it was German and Spanish going round the whole table ..(J practicising with HandJ over the rubicon) first i tried to isolate the words maybe recognised the words but then i gave up a tad peeved ...G noticed i had finished and made me start to clear everyones plates away ...well at least i got to run out into the fresh night air.
Our dish of the day was PEET-ZUH with a load of random toppings we bunged on. ...I tried rid my  blasé self with some beer ...hooo wheaty SNEEZES...W never opened that bottle of champers ...though another sect bottle made an appearance so that brighten things...then i dashed off again to sort the pudding out and load the dishwasher, gahhh!
Later we presented G with a mini montage of pics, and J wrote an awesome poem about Gs camel farm which went down exceedingly well !!! Plus she finished off the manual for the rest of the helpers which had gotta be  BIG HELP..i was soo lucky J was here to induct me into everything...

Nearly forgot where i was this morning; followed by lack of tolling bells...awkward start to the day without them...hmmm counting down the days when i dont have to be up at 6am 24\7 ... ahhh And shining morning face, creeping like a snail unwillingly to school...
Broke fast over a sea of glasses.....thats the trouble with cooking for a dinnerparty, you have to face the washing aftermath!! .....We searched in vain for that chocolate cake that we saved from the nightbefore, ..core, bamboozled by people who are supposed to be on a diet!!
 Both J and I had been looking forward to one last ride ...J still aching to ride her baby, our dismay however plans changed again and J had to whizz off very suddenly. I hate goodbyes. Fullstop. I was soo happy to find her at the camel farm , we get on quite well considering my calamatious antics ...maybe we will have a reunion in Oz or backing in a summery Wachau where we dont have to get up at the crack of dawn! WHO KNOWS!....i went back to the room looking around forlornly then headed on down to the office to ask G about this horse ride ! ... hehe
As it turned out she had to drive off somewhere but decided to wait whilst she let me loose on Creo in the deer park HAPPY HAPPY!! this horse can be soo laid back it really makes for an enjoyable ride under blue skies...FEELING have plenty of cantering on the straight stretches ..even though G told me to take it slow hehehe....Creo heaved a big sigh when we came back and guzzled down water to his hearts content...I could have easily ridden twice more! Oh and Mustafa made me burst into a fit of giggles when he startled from drinking, shook his head,  muzzzle going blaaarrggghhhaarggle with droplets of water and foam which he then wiped on Halefs coat ...naughty or what !!! Actually being precise and deliberate about it !!

Only a small palava later, a pipe had burst outside the camel stables, they were all huddled inside, making growly moans ! Hmmm only 4 more day left ...must get organised previous host had to cancel on me (Germany) but i managed to find another place, although its far north near Hamburg i im hoping to CS in Munich my Salzburg one sorted btw whoop!
Oh and i scored a slice of cake which appeared in the factory today...and they left overnight...silly silly!
hehe right a strange quiet room

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