Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 15...Good Suprises ..and cake and camels !

Well we certainly had a very busy day, which commenced by having to shift our weary bodies at least 20 minutes early (gah ! engage warp factor 5 before the sun is up!) so that we were grabbing the shovel and broom by the time the bells were tolling the forbidden hour of 6! The reason in question was that G invited us to a weekly English lang class with some other friends of hers we had already met, H and E ...unfortunately there were some problems with the elastics factory thus we didnt get underway until an hour later.
Anyhow we rocked up about 10ish Ms house, like a massive nuevo converted barn with three floors! Plus a cute little puppy! Oh and a massive cat, bigger than the dogs which slunk around the corner like a tiger just woken up....right I digress..ummm yes ahh coffee and cakes again YUM YUM  over chatting and reading articles about The Strip in Las explanations there :p G had to shoot off during the first i thought it was really rude the way she always answered her mobile during anykind of conversation etc but E told us the elastics business was struggling - too much mass competetion and family descendents dont want to carry it on.... Noon and E whisked us away back to her home in Aggsbach..that might be wrong spelling, H also packed us off with a box of apple strudel along with the rest of the pastries from Ms ...mmmm we're gona get like fat piggies on all these sweet treats!! Lunch was delicious of course..basically spagball but in a whole new DIMENSION! A pint..a mini detour around their holiday rooms they let out (---pretty damn good for 35e,so if u wanna trip to Austria..)  and then Walla! E uncovers those profiteroles from Montezumas kingdom....i think they were packet bought, still worth a CORE BLIMEY!
G joins us in time for a glass of sparkling wine which we had to gulp down before she spirited us back to the camel valley ..and to work ..WAIT WHATS THIS!! ...OFF FOR A RIDE ON THE CAMELS ! SUPRISE!...I was so excited its all a blur...we saddled up, well sort of flung on the saddle atop the two biggest camels, Mustafa and Halef then we ya know, hopped on board haha ! Going down!! Both furry beasts settle down on the floor ...G comes along Up Up ...Ahhhhh!! She led us into the deer park and gave us free rein Whoop! Walking pace was actually very comfy but going faster...when we managed to goad them into action ...was awkard ...G told us to pipe down at one point as we got quite into riding them, trying to get past each other with C'MON HUP HUP  ..whips and kicking them was practically useless, their fur was soo thick ! Made getting up at 6am all day every day rather worth it for that !

Later......As I was  shovelling away J comes up to me casually informing me 'By the way Jk is picking us up in half an hour..'' What..WHAT...thou cheeky mutt!
Okay flick the dirt about, gobble down some pasta we took home from earlier, quick change and hey presto just in time...uhoh G wants to meet J said it was like bringing home a date to meet the parents...which G finished off with 'And don't get too drunk'' .....AS IF!

Lovely chilled out evening ..with good beer, good wine...good sect...and UNO! the girls enjoyed my cake bread mishap..i think W would have rather given it to the cat haha, and I must admit it was pretty CHEWY, could have been ration cake ..or bread pudding...anyhow all in all ...a very successful day ! :D

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