Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 14..Tally H..Haaaayy?!

Tues 15th

Seriously I keep finding straw, hay even sawdust in all sorts of random places! See me brush a pile out of the bed! Arrrgg! My kindom for a washing machineeeee!!!

I was determined to move the camels again this morning, J told me if i get my ass whooped then we'd be in for it! I have to be in (some hazy sense) of control with the huge furry teddies since J is going for a break up to Vienna this weekend plus I'll be staying for a few more days once she leaves at the end of Feb Yoda train me Jedi style! ...Why do I keep making Star Wars references ??....I nearly wrote STRAW Wars then :p

Another fractious debarcle with G - the so called Hurricane G as termed by J on the account of stepping into the kitchen for breakfast to find a whirlwind must have trashed the cupboards, it was all complete CHAOS! Bags and dirty cutlery were scattered about the decks, dessimated food, like a hunk of broccoli littered the floor ...CRINGE! I thought J would burst into her own thunderstorm as we cleaned up after our host, the aforementioned telling us to put the kettle on, and 'where's this 'n' where's that... we had to do it all over again when we later accepted G's invitation to lunch, I actually crept about the floor trying to dodge her salad monsoon..ick! Sure it was nice not having to cook but I think we both prefer to just rustle up something for ourselves ...instead of munching quietly in their dining room adorned with taxiderma, wonderful to have some glassy eyed vulture poised in mid squwark hanging over you..we couldnt wait to get outtathere!!

Afternoon was better, we did more riding since the weather has softened the ground, exploring the valleys to the other side of the house among the hushed woods sprinkled in snow and a bubbling stream untill dusk..tres poetic !

Whilst J was studying in her room, I snuck off to the kitchen not to raid the chocolate stash..but to bake CAKE! I deliberated if it wouuld be a good idea, more to the point would my cooking actually produce an edible, worthy torte... and not a calamity of mess? This is why my cake mission was a secret operation...I wanted to do something nice for J and W - our local friends who take us out so often ...even though we havent always wrapped up the night with it was W's birthday....thus I prayed to the powers that Be not to fuck up my quest! At one point as i was beating round a gloopy mixture, G walks in -- that half foils my plan - - she asks if I'm baking a cake...I look at my off golden creamy mix and reluctantly reply yess...she pats me on the shoulder with a 'Ah poor you' and promtly disappears! It wasnt that bad surely!!?? Although I must admit Idid have to melt sugar cubes in the butter..then i bunged in a few squares of melted chocolate and whatever else i could find....dried candied peel? My rummaging also unearthed two types of flour..I proberly used too much of the heavier any rate I popped it in the oven with the hopes that it would magically rise!
Sometime later...also after J was called by the wafting aromas...I peeked inside to find that it had in fact got bigger! We both attemped to ice it...I wanted something sweet and refreshing on top incase the cake just looked good on the outside. Eventually we managed to whip up a buttered honey, lemon glaze finished off with grated chocolate! MMMmm Unfortunatly we didnt go out that night to see our friends and with willpower left the clandestine cake in the fridge with high hopes of the morrow!

A very dishevelled me with a quick hashed cake !

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