Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 12 ... Did Frankenstein steal my neck bolts? ..

Sunday 13th

Tolling bells..sighs...drags feet out of bed, pull on the thermals and then flop back down on bed - actually the morning wasnt too bad since i  managed to keep mysef upright the night before.. heard J shuffling around hope she was ok, she seemed fine (much like we were after the last nightfall escapade) - nose to the grindstones again!  Cleared up the stabled like greased lightening..had some good tunes going that morning - Oh Maria from Sister Act really got me bopping about with the broom haha!

Silent breakfast. J went to catch a few more hours of sleep so i pottered down to the cellar attack the beets.
It seemed as if i kept fucking things up today more than usual, silly bugger always falling over my own feet, i'm not sure that ive made it quite back to earth from living in the clouds ...

Afternoon horse riding ....AND i didnt have to do the camel stables ..''Wooppteeedoooo" - that must be G's idea of us having a day off! I jumped up into Gnome's saddle this time to find i pretty much bounced around like a lunatic - flippin ex-trotters dont know whether they're coming or going - on a long stretch of track we finally burst into canter or some kind of 5th gear but then then he broke out..trot trot..canter..gallop? all of a few seconds! Still i'm counting my blessings to be riding almost everyday! Even changed over horses for a second ride! whoohoo :D

Back in the yard it seemed a dark cloud loomed over J - oopsa - I tried to walk around on padded feet, G got a liitle confused at first thinking she was unwell because of the change in work and needed minerals. I sniggered in the background, 'bah, the girl doesnt need minerals to cure a hangover!' Did i say that outloud?
I gave her the magic pill known as Nurofen and J took some soup back to the room with her whilst I revelled in having  HOT SHOWER!
Then ...oooh cake!! Strange pink cube like kingsize petite fois except drowned in RUM! I dont believe I've had a cake in Austria yet that hasnt had some alcoholic concoction soaked inside it.....not that i'm really complaining on that point :p

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