Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day 25..Hei Big Spender!..


Where O where shall i start....right ok THE PROLOGUE....damn really should go to bed, im like a walking zombie from being a dirty stopout since 5hrs ago....anyway it came to pass that Freitag was another polarific morning and further stable stunts. Right after breaky G let us go riding ..just the two of us!! WOW ..on Creo  and Barrack, J led the way up the mountain ..literally backcountry style, screw the trail lets go up this hill wooop! well im all for the road less travelled. This time we were equipped with 2pairs of gloves but not enough socks, poor little toeses. Barrack also decided to throw in a couple of sneaky bucks as we cantered along frozen leafy mud, I gotta admit that had me on tenterhooks for the rest of the ride, cursing silently, not to be hurled into a tree or down the cliff ! But it was smooth, and made a nice change to go our own pace.
Bit of a palava back at the ranch, J noticed Wolga shivering so G whips out the ole thermometer and proceeders to show us how to check for fever, yep that would be wriggle the tiny themo up the horses ass like so, oh wait,  some spittle to lube it up....wonderful . Vet was called out...J had to check twice more Wolgas temp...tehehe. G kept trying to find us things to do, J responds with 'how about EAT lunch..' which we had been tending to when the vet came. :p

Pottered around in the factory for a while singing out of tune..earphones we  toiled with the elastics ....whence we took prize of a few hosenträgers...braces...for Js last night out ..farewell party..sniffle...IT WAS AWESOME ...I had lime green NEON, J had purple/black/green stripe..and we sorted out a pair for Jk..bright pink ! and her sister..cute red ones!! Time for dressing up and having fun!! :D

Began the evening with dinner invitation to Es where she made another deliciously divine soo good ..we of course polished it off with titillating many glasses of sect ...and chocolate dessert Austrian style. They are such a lovely couple, and i think its such a blessing that they have been together 40yrs since 16yrs old! E offered her apartments to us to stay freely if we ever came back for a visit...which we definitely will, especially to see the Wachau blossoming in summer!
G drove us to Johnnies bar, where Jk had got all the people we had met together and we whipped out the hosentragen to much delight! After a few drinks there, it was time to hit the Roadhouse...Americanish rock bar, barn ...although it was crammed with emo teenie boppers...or rather not so bopping haha ,,just standing around trying to look cool drinking coke ... we all cleared a nice space once we started to boogie snapping our fandangle braces ....really let my hair down which havent done for a while, felt good...until ...sheesh i have such broken elegance to fall on my ass again CRINGE J tried to drag me off the floor to no avail lol, W finally hefted me up under the shoulders ...QUICK to the bar ..nothing happened ..just checking the gravity ya know! ....oooh tequila...
Next stop..Friends ...yep i made it this time, and i was super impressed how i at least managed to keep standing..from the drink anyway, considering the varity we consumed ...sect, spritzer, a beer, tequila, random bloody mary shots, and somebody kept buying redbull and vodka.... Friends was a big discotech deal ..lots of jiving to be had, we attracted a lot of attention with our sexy hosentrager ....(we are bringing back the fashion! )...which equalled free drinks ....! ?Dancing on the tabletops and much much fun ..topped off with a small drama on the way home no that was not when i cantankerously fell on my face in the middle of the road ..what an oaf and i was actually thinking, hey i havent falle---WHACK! ...
.The other fiasco  was a 'did you steal my bf?' conundrum between J and D .soo another awkward ending, driving home with j in the front...possibly passed out...and D sobbing and yelling in Austrian, poor girl..but possibly a good jolt in hindsight since her bf has a reputation to be jk told me. J felt totally shit the next day, it didnt help that she couldnt remember much, but shes not the type of girl to sleep with anothers bf even if she does find him hot, luckily it seems everything has sorted itself out..she didnt burn her hosentrager lol thus not a tainted end to the night.
HAHAHA i say ''night'', by the time they dropped us off and we made hugss and apologies, it was 4.40AM!! J ran for her bed whilst i thought ...feel free to shoot was too little hrs for sleep and i knew i would feel worse having to climb out from a stupor!! I flew to the kitchen, like you do when your not far off from being trashed, in control of most of ones faculites...except for gravity maybe.. anyhow i gobbled down bread mit jam, made a brew and spent the wee hours surfing the net, actually i proabably passed out at some point....Then i stumbled back to the room, about to drop into bed which didnt happen as a heard the bells tolling.. forbbidding my desires for Zzzzz. Those camels have never moved so fast when i came hurtling round the corner ..whooosh one stable down, zooom 5 horses fed, i bumped into a startled J who was even more startled than i had everything going !! I held of bed for another half hour or so as we had breakfast and i charged to the showerroom...ICK hair stinking of smoke, which smelt like it was rising off in fumes when i turned the water on it! There all clean and hydrated, going to hit the......

Sometime later...the sun is shining through the window and J knocks on door asking if i want to go for a ride? At first i mumbled No ...too cosy, but the sun kept tempting me until i pulled myself back into jods. I was particularly grumpy after having just woken and got myself into a pickle over Barrack, dreading a buck. Stupid. Took me ages to saddle him, as i pondered in the tack room, until i came to the decision that i was being foolish and would regret not going out on such a nice day. Great ride of course...chillout time between evening work..J made some tasty soup..and then i went to bed at about 7pm! haha

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