Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 13...In a galaxy far far away...

Monday 14th

5am switched on the lights t....wait why is it still dark? Crappy feeble glow from the lamp..hmm, I get up to flick on the main one and its the same! Weird. OK curl up in bed to doze in the gloom, dreaming in confusion that if the electricity was on the blink didn't that mean the bells wouldn't ring and we could stay in bed!! Hahha..ah if only that were true .. as if to spite me the lights sparked on when it struck 6am.

Had to do our morning routine back to front when it went pitch black again..gah (I moved the camels to the other pen all by my onsey too - perhaps i should play death metal before i do this to get me really to go GGRR...I  could hear J in the background saying BE Louder!!  Obi-Wan c'mon tell me 'The FORCE is with YOU!' I'll find it soon....)........ but on the bad pun marching in the direction of this on the other hand G wanted to take the baby camels out for exercise - saddle up em horses! First on Gnome with springs...around the valley alla Rawhide cracking whips! ..Back jump on Naomi ..pretty little chestnut but little legs too, we were cantering as the others trotted! Back again and I hop on Barrack ...yes my BUCKAROO BABY..he's soo comfy though.

Noon G grates our nerves a bit...she barks orders at us, although I dont think she means to, its just the way she is and how she says translantes from Austrian. But it can get aggrivating..see J woosh out the door after lunch as G throws out a volley of ''do this''  ''do that'', ''why didnt you do this''...not to do with our stable work which is what us helpers are here for - just random little things that could be done easily by herself, or avoided if she mentioned it in advance... ANYHOW....raids chocolate cupboard....

Was thinking about bakng a cake for Valentines so J and I could eat ourselves into a 'loveless stupor' haha never got round to it i could come up with on short notice would be a slice of Brioche and a dollop of strawberry jam!

G and J have gone off to gymnastics class, I politely declined ....even Gs mother whos 80 something can touch her toes..i just wave at them thought to have chill time with place to myself...Nice :D
Ooohh and hopefully the washing machine will be all ready to WASH tomorrow...getting rather desperate!!

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