Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 11 .. Alive and...Incredibly DIRTY!

Cant believe i went to bed at 8ish last night..G asks me if im really tired? - No I suppose not... but i like my sleep, plus early night is almost akin to having a lie in! Strange now that our boss is here we're having to do everything a little different around the yard. Anyway it rained again over night, nice fresh smell although it meant all the shit that was frozen to the ground went all gloopy! I kicked and cursed the wheelbarrow too because it kept getting stuck in the mud....YES ON PURPOSE !  Grrr !
After breaky G told us to saddle up the horses to take the camels out for some exercise ...wooo more riding! I rode the other halflinger Barrack - J warned me he can buck when he gets excited to be out, figured I could manage this one.... chased the camels down the driveway - me on foot..Whhaa...then G made me mount from the right hand side (normally is left) so that was comic ! Barrack gave a few sprightly bucks as we cantered past the camels, upon reaching the top of the trail, G told me to have a gallop along the side of the mountain so Barrack could burn off his fizzy energy...he certainly did that! Just as we were charging back up towards the herd my horse went RODEO WILD flying high with a series of bucks, KA´-POW a big kick from his hind legs caught me and i slipped halfway down the side of the saddle desperatly trying to cling on as Barrack conitinued to go mental at top speed! Its uncanny how falling off seems to occur in slow motion, you have way too much time to think about the way down! haha At this point i realised if i tried to pull myself back round in the saddle i'd probably hurt myself more, I thusly half threw my body forward as another buck sent me flying and i landed SPLAT  face down on the mud ..i think i actually slid a couple of inches... with my head and hands hanging over the edge of the field! First thing i thought was bugger i really do need a clothes wash now...i got back on two feet, body still absorbing the sudden impact ...Barrack had galloped off back down the mountain to munch on some hay, crazy horse! Later Halef one of the former stallion camels chased Barrack all around the meadow which i thought was pretty fitting!

That was the big drama for the day, i definitely looked like a proper country farm girl as j put it,covered in mud.
Afternoon we had a nice meal with the hosts and once again j and i both polished off everything in sight..never have leftovers here....went for groceries yaaay and we bundled in 4 huge bars of chocolate when G wasnt looking!

Rock and Roll time ! Jk  picked us up after work to take us to a gig where her bf W. was playing (Pain and Glory) second night out  in the last 2 weeks we're doing well here! :D Went for some pre drinks to the cafe next door and some old drunken bloke at the bar paid for our round...nice but awkard ... we buggered off to the loos leaving J to have kisses blown at her hahahahahah!
First band was Psychodelic circle...odd bunch...but played decent cover fact i think thats all they plaayed ....bassist was getting really into it....also too many guys in lumberjack shirts tehehe ..
Held back on the beers tonight...had a spritzer too finish off, might change to that, Kaiser beer bit bitter.
J got partying, dancing, drinking ..whilst i got wide open space phobia and refused to dance..need the right equation... P&G was pretty good although I think W was nervous and there were lots of technical mishaps apparently, i think the crowd agreed it was  ROCKING night!
Outside for a breather and ....SNOWWWWW..... jumped into someones car for warmth plus a uh spliff, ahem was rather strong! Left J lying in the fronts seats on new gf Whilst i went to escape the smoke and hear the last band play, more heavy blasting guitars wooop, should have brought the ear plugs though, a few guys had paper coned into their ears ! Found Jk and W, went in search of J....uhoh hanging out over the car seats, luckily i missed the projectile vomit ...What are we like though!!! Jeeze if its not one its the other ...what must the others think ! lol ...(at least i made it to the bathroom tehehe)
Anyhow got home around 1 .. J dived onto her bed, and i made it in a more orderly fashion this time...ok black cross against tequila and Austrian joints ...:p

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