Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day 18...Ye High Seas Of Mud...

BLIMEY its gone 6pm and I have literally just finished the evening work...I started at 4!!! Normally with J it takes less than an hour ...and I am sooo very FILTHY!
The menacing tempest from the afternoon thankfully held off, but I was still up and down like a yo-yo checking on the weather ....then about 3 o'clock a girl turns up ..Oliah, or sounding that way anyhow... G had recently returned from another funeral and was resting so an unexpected horse ride came my way..short but sweet ..on Gnome who was full of beans, I would have loved to let him flip the lid in order to gallop across the hills together. Back to the yard within the hour ...the horses fly into their stables, wait find NO HAY! Yep my routine got fuzzled by appearance of more people...Nevertheless TALLY HO camels in their quagmire of a pen a particular oozing state thanks to Halef who managed to grab and upturn the water trough. Gah if looks could kill.
Meanwhile the horses are working themselves psycho because I havent fed them, when I finally rush off to do that it comes to my attention that I forgot to turn the hose off refilling the camels water. bah. Send me up the river why dont ya, !! Dusk starts to settle in, although now the deer are staring at me patiently through the gate for their sugar beets which i sink ankle deep in mud to get through to them. Lastly time to dump the shite from the wheelbarrow onto the ....HOLY HELL the whole friggin muck heap has disappeared...a guy tucked inside the jcb chatters away to me in Austrian....I never understood a word, but went Ja and Danke, which i think he wanted to hear, since it was getting dark..I guess he wanted to go home and clear the half mountain tomorrow. All done. HUZZAH!....Wolfs down meat, salad and whatever else is hanging around in the fridge.....OOOOHH TIN FOIL SUPRISE......there are some HUGE scrumptious looking ambrosial selection....who are they for!!!!! Damn, normally anything in the shared kitchen is fair game, except these look special..and havent been touched yet. Maybe Gs friends supposedly coming for the caravan ride tomorrow...ssshheesh those delights are going to haunt me all night!
Okay I'm just gona pop to the kitchen ...have a brew and nibble some chocolate to calm my tastebuds..I promise not to poke my finger into anything.....
Yep they're still there a penance for making an excuse to go to the kitchen, H interrogated me again about my uni studies..specifically 'now what can u actually do? Stutters....trying to explain that with eng\history\creative writing, there are loads of fields but nothing exactly specific as with say music or medicine. I went because I had the chance, wanted explore more on my fav subjects and because if i had wanted a specific career u cant seem to get anywhere without a degree, although these days you cant get anywhere with one!! Hmmm humbug...I think i've prattled on enough dont you?
Maybe download some more music in an underhand fashion...suddenly going through a phase of Northern Kings....then get some shut eye for the campaign on the morrow.

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