Friday, 11 February 2011

Day 10..Rainy English day...


Gosh...(hehe i like that word..go on say it!) it was hard to get up this morning, I heard rain pattering during the night and knew it would be a gloomy start. One of those days when you normally turn back over, going back to sleep! But the camels and horses would have a hissy fit and probably raise the dead with stamping feets for breakfast! Oh well ..I can only dream of lie ins.....Js been here a month longer than me and i dont think shes had one yet EEK, G our boss is a woman always on the go, in 6th gear.
Broom was heavier ..shoves in ipod...woohooo! Arrrghhgh slips on the slick tiles in the yard, rain and pretty chill weather is a bad equation. Out in the fields I used the poo piles as steeping stones to spread the hay...hmm too much information? No records broken this morning- bah! --Also running out of food..oh dear its going to be one of THOSE days ! On the bright side i found some yummy leftover Christmas cake in the fridge and toasted it!!

Afternoon, not a lot happened just chilling with mug of tea plus random forays back to the kitchen for more cake ! G. came home later..I wonder what tomorrow will be like with the boss around, hopefully will get to do more horse riding and she might show me how to handle the camels..!

Weyhey! looks like we're off to a gig Saturday night - jks boyfriends band ...REMEMBER STAY AWAY FROM TEQUILA!  Gah more apologising !

Right time to see what there is to rustle up in the kitchen!

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