Sunday, 20 February 2011

Day 19...The First Battle..

It was mighty strange going to bed and getting up without J to share early morning grumbles with. I was tossing and turning before the alarm went off having nightmares of how i might easily screw up my work being the sole helper. Feeding the horses was okay, although I need to remember a deft hand to slug their oats into the troughs as I got an impatient head butt from Barrack which smattered a handful over the side ..well it was his breakfast not mine! :p
Moving the camels was almost effortless if it hadn't had been for Halef, the stubborn son of a gun DELIBERATELY took a 15 minute piss just to slow me down and wreck my routine! All i could do was seethe as he stared haughtly over his humps, very much mocking me chewing on an old bit of hay.  Not long after I'd finally got stuck into shifting those flying poo balls, G came out and brought the camels into the yard to show me how to collar and tie them up. This was good to learn..Mustafa is the one to keep an eye on since he's the stallion baby....poor Halef puts on a ruse of Mr Tough Guy because he needs to save face to avoid getting bullied ..awww.
The camels are such funny creatures, its quite adorable when they dance about like theres hot coals on the ground and the way Halef poked his head around the bottom of the barn door reminded me of the dinosaurs in Jurassic park ..those Velociraptors in the kichen !!
Anyhow it was 9am when i eventually sat down to breakfast, a full hour later than when there is two of us! Shoved the horses into the field, swept the yard - Hurculean misson! G asked if i wanted to join her at the riding stables but I really could not be bothered after such a long morning. I might have been... if given the chance to join in their jumping lesson.....though i'm promised a horseback ride this afternoon...

Much later.....G rang after lunch, told me to bring all the horses in ready to saddle up 2.30. I hot foot it to the paddock..cue crazy herd of mud encrusted beasts coming my way...ahhhhh...arrgg the grubby buggers took me ages to clean up! A few more people arrived with G ...I got to tuck into some cake by the way...damn im such a glutton :p Anyhow we got a mini caravan going with 3 camels ..this time i was on Mustafa..he looks smaller than Halef but his humps sit higher ...I could have been on an elephant for all i knew!
Off we go...up a small gravelly path to the deer park where Mustafa decides to go LIMBO WILD ..typically at that precise moment i was taking the chance of shortening the reins.. HENCE no hands on the saddle holds...brilliant. Why is it always me ?? I can hear G shouting in slow motion Hooollllddd Onnn...
Whatthefuck I'm on a freakin camel wriggling like a woooormmmmmmm! arrrr  SLIIIDDDINNGGG DOWWWN...the grey earth rushes up to meet me. THWACK! Shit that was a big drop!
There we go i did it again! Luckily no bones broken, my insides are completely shook up though..hurting right now...aww im gona have some nasty bruises....Later i found out mustafa was actually starting to gallop..they naturally undulate...thanks for the heads up. ...New resolution..Be prepared!!! So well done there...thats the second time i have fallen off in a month.
 I got back on of course....thats a rule i've learnt, always get back on, if you dont.. fear will find you.....nothing can stop wounded pride however..which smarts like hell! I'm an epic fool in the making! Never known myself to be soo acident prone ...I have to admit i was a litte scared when we trotted and went down hill on the camels, Halef has a nice dip in the middle of his humps to feel secure on..
Mustafa..sitting on the edge of a cliff....AND I've never been so relieved to get back after a ride..teriffically embarassed, however I felt somewhat better when the girls told me they had fallen off plenty of times on the other camels. Good I felt less like a blundering nincompoop!
We hopped on the horses for another lap about deer mountain ...they forgot about me!!!! The horrors!! On the other hand it gave me the excuse to gallop after them on Gnome! Waaahoooo! Gnome was extremely skittsh and lively, thankfully he's not a go happy buckeroo like Barrack. Weirdly i felt nice and safe at manic full pelt ..which we got to do a fair amount of ..BIG SMILE!
Followed by another cheesy grin as B had done the camel stables...I made it through the eventide feeding with my poor aching side...really gona feel it tomorrow!
Methinks its time for a hot shower before slumping into bed ....if i can get out of this chair that it....

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