Monday, 7 February 2011

Day Three...Nightlife Tequila Style...

Friday 4th feb
I’m pretty sure stables are getting faster ... I also got a hug from one of the camels – like a fluffy neck wrap as she tried to devour the 10kilo block of salt lick we were tying up.
Main event of the day was the evening....ooh after sauna....anyway J. Had made some friends previously at a ball.  .Jk – and her boyfriend Wolfgang (great name that ) who picked us up at 9pm - - felt like we were sneaking out haha – to go to a bar for someone’s birthday. Open car doors hear blazing guitars! weyhey...mentioned preference for music ....meeettall...instant change over of cd to...(slight word confusion here..demon? oh a demo! Still I’d like to make a demon demo! Hehe) yes a demo from his band called Pain & Glory.
Bar was hardly full, though everyone was really friendly and Jk bought us drinks. It seems you can smoke in a public area in Austria ...apparently J told me that in Australia you cant even have actors lighting up on soaps...Talked a little, played a little – were rubbish at foosball just SPIN SPIN SPIN!
Random bloke, asked me ‘Are you English?’  - ‘Yes’ – ‘You are speaking really slowly, are you Scottish?’ ... Make of that what you will, I believe I buggered off at that point.
Appearance of Tequila and blood orange... oh noo... J ropes us in to do it Oz style which follows the path of cinnamon sprinkled on breast and orange seg in mouth, so ur partner in crime licks off cinnamon, shots tequila then takes the orange like a kiss....that went down very well with many people!
Right so now i will be honest here and give up an Ashamed Equation..3 beers + 3 tequila shots + % glass wine (forget had that with Jk sister) = me dashing to the toilets for projectile exodus. How utterly embarrassing ! And they say i don’t have my own style! I don’t know how J made it to the next bar  for more beers– I stayed huddled in the car in case I got into more trouble! Eta, 3.30am only to stumble out of bed for 6am!

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