Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day Seven ...If Wishes Were Horses.....YeeeHAA

I didnt really want to get up this morning, too cosy..might have had something to do with waking up about 2am to make a foray tothe bathroom which just happens to be outside, a few minutes walk in front of the factory (they also own an elastics factory here) Its nice though to see all the stars but as J put it we're dangerously underdressed in our pjs !! Later on I found out we could use Hm's toilet downstairs during the night! 
Despite the morning frost the sun warmed everything up again, so after the early workout time for ticking more jobs off the list. We got incredibly mucky scrubbing all the horses troughs and..oh yeah THE HUNTER came today..dun dun duuuuhhh! J warned me he usually strings up the carcass on the back of the barn where the muck heap is tossing the head and guts onto the aforementioned poo pile!
I ventured round ..I had to with a wheelbarrow, to discover TWO deer split open, ribs gaping, nailed to the wood! Large stomach sacks lay about, along with their little heads staring up from the hay! Well we'll be chomping on a nice venison fillet sooon...:p
Had a suprise phonecall from G in the afternoon, (Gs my boss, who i havent met yet!) and told us to saddle up some horses, she was coming back from the Retreat for a visit and we were to go riding!! YES YES YES !! Finally its been  hard being around so many horses and not get to gallop off on them ! I was very excited, nearly falling down the steps again!
Optima was to be my steed of the hour, a reliable dark bay ...turned around and G appears hugging everybody then running to me for a hug...well i didnt picture meeting my boss like that but whatthehey, i certainly felt at ease afterwards because i had no idea what she would be like. Along with j and B we rounded up the camels - or rather they did, i just kinda sat on Optima a bit unsure of myself, I'm not used to all this shoutingat the camels -YAR YAR YAR - HUP HUP HUP - as some might know im generally the quiet one but i reckon I'll burst into Cowboy Rawhide spirit!! Move 'em on, Head 'em Up .
Once the camels were back in their pen, we three went for a trail ride almost vertical uphill meandering up the side it was very rocky, such a weaving plod felt as if we were on a sort of pilgrimage ... Excellent view from the top..of  more hills on the other side, where the sun was..damn. Beautiful too, kicking up the fallen leaves, watching the sheep bound away. Got in some good canters wish i could have gone on for longer but was probably just as well since my knees were starting to click because i hadnt ridden for a while.

There was something else i was going to mention but i have forgotten what it was..................

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  1. Haha I love reading your blog, you're hilarious :D! I can hear you shouting "YAR YAR HUP HUP HUP!"X