Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day 21 Elastastic...

Brrrrrr! Yesterday's bestowal of a cheery warming sunset was an ephemeral glory....my radiator packed up during the night..OOH NOO.. thus I awoke to a refridgerator room which made getting up alot harder! Outside it must have been at least -2, okay it doesnt sound that bad ,but this was an especially raw glacial cold...with snowy wafers gracing the air every now and again. I was properly cocooned with godknows how many layers, a head buff, big fluffy scarf...which stayed throughout the mornings toils. Ahhh it was soo crackerjacking super to finish before 8am ...i hope i can beat the the time down when im on me onesy next week! In 6 days J will be living it up in Rio ..CARNIVAL..im pretty jealous :p it will be like getting off the plane into a sauna complete with beach and cocktails !
The breezy call of morning wasnt over yet ..busy busy ...G told us M, her nephew wanted us in the factory ..(back to the salt mines :p ) to help out with some random production involving the elastics to go inside machinery, (one job was to cut the right length and burn the ends, other was to loop ends with bolts ), we made 20 trials of those so M could see if our work was up to snuff....I got there eventually...
Afterwards we got to hop on the horses and take the camels....ok bye bye camels...back in the yard we switched steeds - first time on Creo..Native American spotted apoloosa breed - and we took off to find the camels again. Mini adventure on the return ..only 9/10 camels ....Sky managed to get himself stuck in deer labyrinth, silly bugger obviously too busy munching to notice the herd disappear...anyway we rode to the paddock to get the rest in the pen leaving Sky pacing up and down in frustration. Then just a small cafuffle upon opening the gate, untill he galloped off home ..in the right direction.
.....Stomaches Grumble....M wondered if we'd be doing anymore handywork with the elastics ...umm not yet, we had more important things to do..EAT! haha....On that note we feasted on crossiants, a cinnamon swirl and a little cake with an interesting poppy seed mix stuffed inside. Mmmm
Later on we had an industrious hour with the elastics whilst blasting music in the empty factory...also took a tour of the hundreds of rolls with various patterns..horses, harleys..beer..funky neon colours...got my eve on a couple :p
The English lesson group is coming to Gs tomorrow, be nice if we get to join in again....also got my couch surfin host sorted ..weeyhey, should be good fun..cant wait until the last weekend !

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