Monday, 7 February 2011

Day Two...Taking care of the animals...lets shovel some shit!

Thurs 3rd feb
(Had a laugh with H. ... ‘muck’ing out... no no its called shit people! You can definitley get a lot of energy out in that word!
But i digress. ... 6am start. Dark. Cold. Faint starshine. First I clear up the camels, j. Attends horses, it gets light quite quickly, very quiet except for gushing stream which is completely iced over in some places, even the mini waterfalls are frozen in suspension. Then onto the stables, 10 in all, we’re done in about an hour 15, now Breakfast!! We pretty much have a banquet each morning. I tell you, its only been a few days but I already have pretty tough muscles! Time for getting odd jobs done until about 10am when we heard the horses out to the paddock , feed the other animals and try to get as many tasks done as possible, until lunch time wooo, gives pat on back for surviving most gruelling part of the day!
Mmm schnitzel...
Give the animals their lunch and free time for us! I have only managed to slip over once on an ice patch, luckily no one saw – my arm went grab onto the wheelbarrow but i was off balance so flipped out some  hay instead! I’ve also managed to prod myself with the broom handle, slip down the end of the stairs and make a mess of gathering up the hose pipe! Only I could do such things !
Chopping up the sugar beets is pretty fun – down in the musty cellar with a cleaver, certainly feels as if we should be cackling witches slicing manically!
Late afternoon...back to the camel stables and get horses in for the night ...Dinner! I should be able to get some riding in when G get gets back, her husband W. likes to show off to the young girls and mentioned we could use the sauna ..SAUNA!
Hm. Who is Gs mother, invited us to dinner (the helpers have the rooms upstairs in her house) she’s a widow with a dog called killer – ok well its probably spelt like this killa... we got by quite well on our lack of german and tother of English  - ahem quiet but nice meal...there was a Giant catctus in the corner i kept staring at it thinking of triphids ... played board game afterwards..Frustration I think..I’m not sure H. Wasnt  very happy with moi...bit of a harsh player muhaha!! Well it is called frustration
There we go, day done, water horses after dinner, then do whatever...mostly going back to room for chill time and bed, ... with some chocolate and thermos of tea!

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