Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day Five...Some Pepper With Your Guinea Pig Kebab? ...

Sunday 6th

So not sure what to write... er blog about here, i'm writing this tuesday,...ok well we started with food lets continue with that theme. OM NOM NOM NOM!!
(I also stole a look at J's blog to remember what we did) ...
Yep we eat like horses, cant believe how much food we get through...breakfast (& I'm not just talkin about a bowl of cereal) ...elevenses ..lunch....dinner....midnight snacking...the latter for me anyway!! I suppose we do work hard and I never feel a lack of energy.....thats right guys, I havent napped on the job ..NOT ONCE!! Hmmm might have to refil that secret chocolate stash soon...we also happened upon a tea stash ... definitely spoilt for choice....THE AMAZING WHEEL OF TEA.. spin to win!!
As i think of dinner...I wonder where G. keeps the snake, a python of possiby 10years - and monstrous size to go with it.
J and I armed with pitchforks, spades and brooms stomped off to tackle the Guniea pig enclousure...house..mansion!! Turned it upside down and made a damn fine bed of fresh hay .. the little critters got quite excited during all this and J thought she had skewered one as it dived into a dirty hay pile !

Another blessed sauna evening, J threw on some Eucalyptus oil to remind her of home haha
however it was a tad too much - skin tingling bonanza!

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