Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day Four...Whisky Vapours...

Saturday 5th

Awaken to tolling bells..to ward off ‘The Oh God of Hangovers’?  ...ooohh queasy stomache :S
6am eurgh! Shot around stables in grand slam style then back to bed until 11am
as we were being picked up by H. And E. A couple J has met the month before,
who invited us out for lunch. Homemade knoedels, with meat sauce thing ..deellliicccooous!
hmmmm and i may have broken the law in austria - i didnt finish my beer, but i really
couldnt trust this hair of the dog - J diligently purusued the last drop.
Om my God! Those profiteroles, steeped in creamy chocolate sauce....ahhhhhhhhhhh
Helped E go through a couple of essays in English from her lang class then suprise, off to a
Whisky distillery!! Brilliant i would have loved this if only my blood wasnt beating around
friday nights intoxication!
J and I struggled silently as the car rolled on through idyliic villages with turrets
and wooden balconies, hands across bellies, on past apricot fields, remembering the gaah tequila then woe is me as the car snakes up a huge hill forever.
Thankfully the tour was a sitting down one, although in fast German,  before a film with music
alla funky hobbit style .... clashing flagons and dancing round trees or on tables ...
After wandering about some rooms its time for Whisky tasting ..i think i accidently tried to shot
the first one because i was dreading what it might do to me  ! haha Three more to go, going
up in strength!
Afternoon again worked like bats from hell, made up a parcel of food and pretty much crashed
into bed, at about 7.30 !
Sunday.....RECOVERY.. good long sleep, right as rain in the morning - could tell we'd had a
wham bam end to the week, clothes flung about all over the place!

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  1. After attempting and failing to translate the page I'm hoping it lets me comment! It sounds like you are working and playing very hard! X