Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 22...Mohnkuchen...mmm

schneien eiskalt ...
Winter continues down in the Wachau valleys with another snow dusted dawn ...after work we all bundled into Gs camel den for English practise ...OOoooh but wait before that it was time..yes we made the wash our dirty selves. I poked my head into the helper bathroom to see what state lastnights ongoings had left it in.....WOW the near shower was up...screens work, check! Hot Water? double check!!! I knew i probably shouldnt have ...the temptation was tooo strong though i christened it with my grubby feet and camel smell...ah i never felt so good afterward that bad!?
Further wickedness appeared with tea and special (liquor of course) chocolates ...along with an amazing pastery with raspberry cooked with somekind of cheese...I'll look the name up later..YUM YUM YUM !
(Hmm my blogs alaways seem to have a food context....oh well ;p

Two afternoon rides came our way, with B.....G stayed to hibernate in her room, which was unusal, cant say i blame her though and she didnt miss anything because it was pretty darn cold outside! DIVINE Snow kissed ride with Barrack..watching the glowing peachy sky between the silent bare trees....come back to me sun!!!ahhhhhhh Think the last rays were glinting in J and I's yearning eyes...back to the yard for a swift swap of mounts...Optima ...a tad awkward generally but we got some brilliant gallops once i decided to hold her back as the others went round the corner, she even took half a branch on the ground as a mini jump WOO .....unfortunately it dramatically dropped a couple of degrees on the second round, cause for another pair of gloves as fingers disappear into numbness. I got a shock when i jumped off to the hard ground with frozen toeses :p
We plunged into the stables with extra haste, not only because of the biting dusk but we could also smell delicious roasting aromas coming from the kitchen ..'looks like chicken tonight' J whispers..slight false hope there...since W ate most of it...I watched him whilst shovelling rock hard camel poo, devouring some steaming grub .....felt like a little frost bitten orphan from Oliver Twist haha.
Rushed inside and managed to rustle up a few veges to go with the 3 potatoes and the last chunk of deer meat ...weaving in the midst of W and B ensconced at the table of the tiny kitchen ...sooo couldnt wait to getoutathere!! we set up the mess in the dining room with those stuffed rams for company...also musing over that MANGO they had decimated as we cooked, why are you peeling it!! gah, heathens ! :p
J pondered whether W had ever cooked for himself or even cleaned up, her words never became truer when he asked me whats in that plastic bottle on the draining board (i guess he thought it was some special drink ) ...', its washing up liquid. !

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