Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day Six....Leather Fetish...


Camels started to get rather boisterous with J this morning, I heard a whole lota yelling - daring to poke my head round the stables as J cracked the whip at Mustafa who had just punched out with his great padded feet, obviously testing the ground to see what he can get away with.  Alpha domain game ...
Mustafa (stallion, size of small elephant) proceeded to bounce up and down on his front legs demanding breakfast ..much like the horses who paw...wait paw? hoof the ground? I've forgotton the phrase...for their feed as soon as they hear us round the corner. I saw Halfi (tubby halflinger pony) practically drag his hoof across the bars on the stall door a woe begone prisoner rattling the bars !!
Groomed the dirty buggers as well only for them to fall on their asses in the paddock, I dont think they like ice skating.
It was a hard frost overnight yet the sun still shone making another beautiful clear day! And on that note
we made the most of it, even chucked the cat, sweet faced ginger called no-name, outside as many times
as possible, he was quite affronted, but got over it quickly with affectionate cuddles! The cats
are a laugh, following us about the yard, Chole the outdoor tabby darted into a hay pile as if there
was something she could find inside! A new world perhaps?
HMmm hay, we did plenty of hay work that afternoon forking all rotten straw by the sheep manger....waaaay tooo many wheelbarrows to heave up hill for me (J has bad wrists from doing in all by her onsey for a month)..  I was nearly at the end of my tether ... more bloody wheelbarrow of...!!
Still we do ridiculously awesome teamwork even though I can fight with a broom on occasion like its alive!

Later on we made use of a sunny spot with a thermos of tea to oil some tack...mmm luxrious leather...i love that smell when you walk into the tack room.....hmm I wish I had my leather boots here too..erranyhow ..looks to be a trip to Wien on ThursdayYAY, a kind offer from jk..oh noo I'll have to apologise for my tequila drama ............CRINGE!

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