Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 23...Arctic Atoms...

Thursday 24

Another glacial essence to the rise and shine ...greeting the stratospheric icebox outside which takes our noses hostage ! Definitely in minus DOUBLE FIGURES today. Exchanged routines this morning..I ventured to take another stab at wrangling the camels alone..J kept an eye on me of course...they responded pretty well, though I reckon half of that was because I faffed about so long they got fed up and went to stand in alotted feeding places...can hear collective sighs of Food Girl, Food!! J said it went all smooth and groovy...lets hope i can keep it up, I certainly dont want a chunk out of me as a souvenir!
E picked us up 8.30 sharp....damn it was cold, her car thermo read wonder my legs were fading into numbness out in the paddock! Anyway we volunteered to accompany E to the English class she teaches..(for J it was the second time) luckily G let me go, earlier in the week she was quite strict, telling E she could have both. The lesson was packed, about a dozen or so ...we spoke a little about ourselves, and heard about them too...then we all strolled down to Cafe Melk...J and I getting sidetracked by SALE boots...chatted some more and were treated to CAKE, alota people have fairly big gardens down in the Wachau ..with orchards and honey bees of the pupils actually dashed off home and brought us back a pot of apricot jam (i think) HOMEMADE!
H collected us and we all took a diversion back to that trendy boutique, having fun trying on all the random items ..but we were good and didnt spend our money!! ..more for beer ..
Shopping time Wooo ... grabbed some ingredients for a pizza gigantica on sunday ..a farewell meal for J ..and W has promised to crack open a bottle of champers !

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