Monday, 21 February 2011

Day 20..Magic Pills..

Monday 21
Caravan HO!

G produced some plant alchemy after i spent a loooong time in the shower harhahar untill my skin was red!
There was some kind of cream, I guess akin to Savlon and a mini bottle of tiiny white pills ...take 3 every hour...apparently it helps with the shock ...and other stuff. I mused about heavy duty pain killers ..or a bottle of RUM..

Well whatdoyaknow... IT WORKED. I'm still feeling bruised and battered but not as painfully stiff as i thought it was going to be. The night was awkward and i woke up early to the sound of pattering feet in the walls ...I say in the walls because I scanned the rooms, besides we live at the top of the house by the stairs so it cant possibly be the dog....oohherrr  rats and mice and all tails nice..EEK...literally :p

Made it through the morning ...thinking i could do with a back massage...I got a little grumpy at some points watching the sun rise higher....(oo there was a freakish misty moon before dawn shrouded in a glowing aura, felt like i should have been in a fairytale)....then checking the watch to see it tick past nine only to remember that i hadnt done the flipping stables yet! G asked me if i wanted to ride a camel...hmm bit dubious about that, for today at least i would rather recouperate ..or ride a horse...but I WILL ride a camel again.
Now G is driving to Germany, said she'd be back in evening....plenty of time to rest then ...J should return this afternoon..hopefully we'll go with H to the market..all food wiped off the map..particularly bread...although there is a black bin bag of loaves outside the kitchen wtf?..Should ask somebody about that.

Right camels want hay..and i want bed after! Over and OUT!

J hath returned! Woop! I left her a pile of poop in Optimas stable as a welcome home present :p accident you know! Lovvee it : ''Well you just plum forgot!!'' - Where on earth is she getting all these phrases haha too much Jeeves and Wooster!
Afternoon stables were a piece of cake once again ...and the sun peaked over the top of the valley ..ahhh so not a bad weekend really was nice to be my own boss, as it were...but two is definitely better.

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