Saturday, 16 April 2011

lucky its Church of England! Cake or Death?!

Browsing though previous posts i have realised what a torrent my stream of conscious has been ..its even hard for me to read! Methinks a prosaic update would be the order of the day. ...

Tuesday ....
Hang Fire..screw the days of the week - i have been in short - neglectful once more of blogging daily, at least a week has gone by, so if you can bear my rambling of Ox Island hooplas then please without any further ado, make a brew and settle on a soft cushion!

It came to pass that the wind howled this hhhhhhhhoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwllll !!
all day long - more than bracing, on top of the island i could have been flying! The squally weather sweeps and rips up the fjords which were mirror placid last night .. solar spell has been pretty quiet if you dont count the wind, then when i wasnt holding onto my hypothetical hat, i was  cleaning a boat to be listening to johnny cash and having an arguement with the washing machine which wouldnt give me my clean smoke free clothes!
Now i'm back in the bar ..leena, the island doggy is slumped under the table keeping my feet warm!

ARG! M keeps trying to persuade me to go rowing together, but i emphatically am disinclined to aqueisce to his request. Its not that i dont trust him persee, i simply have no wish to be trapped in little wooden raft, where i cant escape before he swings his arm out to point at something and the boat capsizes. In fact the first time he went out, he discovered the boat was LEAKY ...ahem for 4 hrs sailing around bailing water out
He thought i was scared of water, or couldnt swim...I'm trying hard not to be rude to the guy with the blunt truth of No! just not with You!


By the way, I have a new mission to add to the ever growing list! Be a Viking! Over a bottle of red with K, I discovered she was part of a viking renanctment group - it sounds amazing - particulary ..apart from being totally cool, the history N all that also about getting back to nature, the way things were..and making things from scratch, which i am a big fan of! ...Agatha Cristie once said about technology/invention..arising directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness - to save oneself trouble.
 K is a blacksmith and crafter...impressive long bow and quiver full of arrows made out of a pair
of old cowboy boots! As a woman - if you want the proper experience you need to be a fighter, otherwise its back to washing dishes!

Possibly Monday..Busy doing nothing itsnt it just a crime!!  i spent the day on the beach - with nobody else, apart from the occasional goose. Later on I went with S.k... B's daughter on the little speed boat for a practice run ...bad idea giving me the wheel...Varrrrroooouuummmmm...splash splash...imagination soars to boat chase alla james bond!!
kiddo told me all her boy problems - I switched to big sister mode ..with some help.."I will not fall for any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics, people with girlfriends or wives, misogynists, megalomanics, chauvists, emotional fuckwits or freeloaders, perverts."

To cut a long story short, some mates of hers were coming over because it would be cool to have a party on the island. First we went over to pick them up..but had get Olie to jump start the boat since she couldnt seem to get it started and we ended up comically paddling away from the sandbanks!
 There was a Mr Hotshot avec greased lightening ego swaggering around because he could make a Mjoito,

..Reminded me of uni..drinking games! been though that path and closed the gate after me, so it felt weird to be in the room with them. I was sitting at the bar with Olie, hoping to make a quick exit at ...before....I was ....playing a dice game which i didnt see the point in lol, bit like cheats/pontoon with cards but with two dice. Uno was better..
Cue girly chat in secet code :
Do you want to go outside?
Me: Why its cold!..after a moment click OOOH ---do you want to go outside?
.. lovely moonlit wander about the shores of island with stars overhead. Apparently she wasnt much acqainted with these guys, but with another boy who failed to turn up. So she really didnt want to be there any more. Showed me an awesome swinng under overhanging tree on beach with a driftwood seat.  :p Nearly went for a swim in the shimmery baltic waters ..perfect night for it...but we couldnt just ditch the 'party' ..well..
Came back to discover four more people at the table, Woo so ..can i go to bed soon. ??
On a random note..when one of the guys asked me my age, he was somewhat startled because he thought i was 17/18 ..(i was older than the lot of em)...What!!! ...Heck just goes to show what a tad of makeup and goodnights sleep can do..the other day, N our chef thought i was about 25!
............I vanished in one of those natural lulls with a mug of hot chocolate and left them to it! ...
And glad I did! They woke Olie up at 3 am because they wanted to go home! Then to all reports hung about for another half hour!!

Tempers flew over the ..weekend? 90..yes i repeat 90 people were coming to the island on some crazy survival trip and they wanted to slaughter 90 LIVE chickens ...apparently word is that N, forgot to mention this point to R who was furious to find these poor animals - 8 in what sound like a plastic box ..general ikea storage container. Its also illegal to slaughter animals here on island. Thing is both guys are cholerc people and there was a great trouble of mis-communication...much shouting in angry Deutsch, then I blinked and N swung a right hook at R, knocking him onto the table, with B beating at N to get off. N isnt with us anymore. ....

Some idiot on the island...

this is ridiculus im hiding in my room away from the kitchen and delicious smells...i know i said i wanted to explore and eat cake ..could munch my way through eternity here, not a good thing on if life is peanut butter and jelly then  the peanut butter of life is stuck to the roof of my mouth....oh my god to say i regret cake!! Whatever is happening must be truly evil!!
Stupid idea for a restless nomad to put herself on an island ..where all i do is run around in a circle!!

Right perhaps i will leave it there for now ...although
Another curious thought from Agatha...the best time to plan a book is while you are doing the dishes!

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