Monday, 4 April 2011

Restless Spirit!

Yesterday was alright. The uh stoned chef ..and he thought i wouldnt be able to tell was a bit more pleasant so to speak. plus i found out where the teabags lived, normal tea for Brits haha ..guzzling and sparkling water all day is not so great. The beer..ok gassy water no, it doesnt even taste of water.
Moved the tables around and laid places for at least 60 people..did a few other odd jobs after which i disappeared for a walk, no where else to go really, always pretty though. I came back to find R and wrangle a chore from him ..oh lucky number washing dishes. But it wasnt so  bad, there were loads of wonderful aromas ..we were at the back of this stainless steel box..we, me and the Polish guy..he washed.. i dryed...and drank cider. Apparently we were super fast compared to other helpers, I wondered ; its just swishing a cloth, how long can that take someone? M was didigent with the suds, he said at some point he was cooking and cleaning for the polish army ..500 men and only 200 plates .!!

I turned around at one point to find the little icelandic pony having a nibble at the compost bucket...sneaky bugger ..had to put the wheelbarrow in front of the gap where the door was wedged open, but she stood guard, trying every way to get her head near those juicy greens.
Took a break..for the bar and some yummy food from the kitchen..its like eating at a 5 star hotel seriousl;y schmeckt! .. afterwhich i vanished once more over the hills ..not so far away....
Bah such a monotonus mission, dirty dishes for 60, so thats plates for 2 -3 courses,inc cultlery, coffee, and the equipent ..on gigantic scale .. .

M works too hard, like hes high on something, hacking away at the mud by one of the tracks that
visitors use to make a drainage system. which noone asked him to do, he saw it would be a good idea
straight after lunch ..making me feel guilty.
I mamanged to break a mug by the way, but it doesnt count becaus it fell off the trolley ..and they
have hundreds as N said, so smashing them ,no problem we need to get rid of them ! Ikea. 
When most of guests had left...god was there a lot of food left .. i was out the back after having raided the fruit platter like i was deprived of vitamins .(such a bad health change.smoke - beer - coffee, lack of exercise on island, i try to combat it with as much fresh air and oj as possible haha ..nutter...speaking of health i remember as i was munching on the crumbs from the gigantic cake tray i found myself fretting over all the food they were wasting thanks to my pro bio month in Germany...dont throw that away the donkey will eat that, and sheep eat anything! Gah its crazy, i even loath to chuck tissues in the bin because back at the other place we collected em separatly for the range or to burn for heating...yup im all GREEN concious now!! )

Chilled out with K a bit more today, woman with dog called Cooper, who must be somekind of cross between alasian, wolfhound..and something else! Found some common ground to talk about, noticed her WACKEN braclet ..word must have gone about because before N left he mention how Flensburg was a big prog metla/alternative scene, and if i wanted to go out with him and his gf one time, to let him know. ..okay sure, cool so hes going to look up some good concerts, whilst i worry slighltly what ive let myself in for ..crazy chef. !
Yes today was better, although it still feels like just a job, work that you might do anywhere ...note my listless end her.....which by and by ..... I've figured out....certainly eased by the CANDLELIT BATH i had that night!!! sensational soothing for the restless spirit!

Now where are, totally lost count of days of the week...sunday, which i guessed when nobody had turned up in the bar at 8 this morning. I worked my way through three types of black tea, stitting out on the deck watching the sun on the water. Then i wandered up to the top of the island to see the other side still in misty hazes, the sun hadnt quite burnt through and you could see the outline of shadowy land further away! Amazing.
Sometime after 9 people began turning up ...the lads went to get stuck into the boathouse which is going to be the stage for FolkBaltica this thursday ...CHAOS..I looked earlier and its like your average garage, but this place is supposed to host about 200-300 people! Meanwhile R sorted me out wth sewing..a nice girly job apparently ..2 huge felt sail size drapes to go around the stage..these had been rolled up in dust since the last time by the looks of them. I vainly attempted to remember how to use the sewing machine but gave it up as a lost cause and settled for some handy work...toooook me hours, although it was warm and a plenty of music to keep me going ..must have been gone two in the afternoon by the time i was finished. As we shook them out and rolled them back up, a few parts tore..Oli - ah you can just sew em again, ..har bloody har! You'd have to catch me first!

B said that was probably it for the day. So i go find the blokes and see if i can help out...Well if you want to..they say...i did half an hour of shifting planks of wood and decided, no, actually i didnt want to ..much prefer playing in the sun. Hence I slipped away with a can of cider, notebook and blanket to take to my favourite spot overlooking the beach and expanse of blue. Good thing about all free time...i can pick up a pen!
Time passed by..and i managed to write a page of my new novel..woop! well really its a condesement of a smattering of my other novel ideas with (i hope) a better plot line brought on by my travel experiences :)
New daylight hours are still a bit freaky, i rocked on down the hill at gone 7pm with sun just setting...also just in time for dinner!
Funny how yesterday i was complaining over lack of healthy fodder, tonights essen was an ensemble of vege left overs!!
Its nearly half nine, everyone else went to bed at 8! Im in the bar listening to the clock tick ..hmm i hope i brought my torch with me..dont want to squish a froggy !!

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