Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Stormy Monday..

I awoke early once more and took my tea and toast to the top of the island, a slight gale was
blowing along with a spitting rain. This dramatically increased throughout the day ..not the toast..maybe the tea..but the weather!! Galeforce winds and choppy seas certainly have an allure on an island ..
Warehouse is looking much better now...we moved more random planks of wood of varying sizes - the
carpenter, A is doing all the DIY in the corner, probably where all the sound equipment is going.
This guy R said is studying woodwork and because hes the best, the president of somethingorother is
gifting him a new box of tools only gold bars could buy... ooh.
I just did general tidying, nothing interesting really..athough i have to plague them to give me a job. Its ok for M -since he was here last year so he knows what could be sorted out, plus much of it is heavy lifting..more so than with the camels in Austria !
In afternoon, i discovered the washing machine Woohoo! and also folded their mountain of clean clothes away.
So in between wrangling jobs, quenching my thirst at the bar..going for a wander ...its been a non eventful day..however the atmosphere is starting to feel friendlier ..on my account that is.

Its about half 5 now and everyones decided thats if for the day ... so perhaps more story writing ..i think its a tad too windy for a walk, i might get blown of the island...although its quite a tempting adventure.

Speaking of adventures, sounnds like Thurs will be a grand one..live music and party!! Also was informed of the finale on sunday night over in Flensburg which is only going to be for vips, hosts and volunteers..weyhey...definitely sounds good!!

Nice pic of Axel, Angelika and me and Ameile ...good times! And i totally forgot to mention a random moment which i forgot to put in my blog...After all that twig bundling ..i realised staring at the grass that i could now touch my toes without bending my knees!!! Hahaha, simple things eh! Before all i could do was wave at them!!!

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